As California Reopens, KVMR takes a Wait-and-See Approach
As California enters Phase 3 of reopening, KVMR is still taking the pandemic seriously. We are all experiencing quarantine fatigue, but just because we are over it may not mean it's over. While we miss our broadcasters and are visualizing their triumphant return as hard as we can, KVMR remains vigilant. There is no acceptable number of casualties we can sustain. About when shelter-in-place came into effect, the radio mixing board in Studio A began failing. To prepare for the broadcasters' return (and thanks to over 750 donors in our Weirdest Membership Drive Ever ) we’ve ordered the $10,000 part. It’s expected to arrive in 6-8 weeks. By the time we have two studios again (so broadcasters can alternate studios) more information about the safety of relaxed social distancing measures will be available. Until that happens, we hope our KVMR family ( listeners, broadcasters, and volunteers of all stripes ) can hang in a little longer.  Thankfully, our talented broadcasters haven't made us choose between risking lives and great radio- they are stepping up to create new content from home.
Kim Rogers (center) makes Good Stuff live from her deck, with Juliet Gobert & Bob Woods
For years you have invited KVMR deejays into your living room, your car, maybe even your shower... Now get ready to join them in their living rooms, offices, even their bedrooms! We are purchasing 4 additional live-remote set-ups so broadcasters can deliver live radio while staying safely at home. The staff & volunteers of KVMR remain fully committed to providing local perspectives on global issues- COVID-19, power outages, fires- and being your friend on the radio for music discovery & daily joy. We are also fully committed to the safety of our volunteers. Through the magic of radio we can still be together while we're apart. It takes a village, and we are a village. Thank you, KVMR family!
Broadcasters Invite You Into Their Homes
Charles Atthill and his Lady Chestnut work on Classics Declassified from his home office. Thank you, m'lady!
Jeffrey Philpott creates Radio Nomadica on a beach chair in his closet. Nice vintage KVMR t-shirt and stickers!
Prickly Pear works two computers and mobile phone for your fresh Monday Music Magazine .
Check out Joyce Miller's soundproof booth! You can hitchhike a ride with her by turning your radio on!
Thank you to the 750+ listeners who pitched in to support our spring drive- collectively you raised over $90K. After making some drastic cuts to our budget ($230,000) and preparing for the worst, we find we're able to buy some vital equipment we didn't know we needed and didn't know how we were going to afford! A new radio mixing board for Studio A will add back the second studio, so broadcasters could stay socially distant and not share immediate space when they come back, and 4 new live-remote set-ups will give deejays an option to do live radio from home while we figure this out. If you gave during our May drive YOU made these opportunities possible. If you find you can give- we appreciate your support. THANK YOU! PS- the 'Pandana' bandanas began shipping last week, but will probably take through the middle of June to package and send them all out. Yep, another reason to miss our volunteer helpers!
BIG News, Good News, and Gnu News
There's been some changes around here- longtime Program Director Steve Baker has semi-retired and will now be Morning News Host & Producer. Steve is still a big part of KVMR, and we're counting on him to produce promos and membership drives. KVMR's Music Director Sean Dooley-Miller steps in as Director of Content , encompassing digital platforms as well. Congratulations to them both. Catch Steve's morning news report weekdays at 8:04AM.
Sean Dooley-Miller took this photo of the double rainbow over Broad Street last week. Overheard at the time, "This is proof we're gonna be alright. We're all gonna be okay." Thanks, Random Stranger, I'm holding you to that. Sorry, just kidding about the gnu news!
More Broadcasters At Home: Del's feline co-host and new deejay Tally Mark
Ineffable host Del's KVMR-loving contributor and new co-host, Toupee, checks the levels. Cats are allowed in the studio now.
Tally Mark makes radio with a view.
Bob Dylan remembers LITTLE RICHARD

Alasdair Fraser and his army of fiddlers make a joyful noise via livestream, DEAD BRILLIANT

Former KVMR GM Julie Chiarelli and KVMR deejay Jeff Wright JAM in their living room

The Soul Train-style KRAFTWERK dance-off you didn't know you needed in your life

The kids are alright: anonymous country star Orville Peck covers I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU

Missing the festivals? Buzz sez, " MIDNIGHT NORTH from last year's High Sierra!"
Tired of TV but still crave drama? Enjoy 14 hours of BBC's STAR WARS TRILOGY radio program

And while we're at it, a 14-minute doc about AIR GUITAR CHAMPIONS

His thoughts were red thoughts, SREDNI VASHTAR the beautiful!

Jayne Mansfield gave me SHAG CARPETING ENVY

One presidential portrait may not be exhibited in the White House for a while- CHECK IT OUT & artist KEHINDE WILEY

Last newsletter we had a listener challenge and nobody came. Not one person had a WEIRD COVID HOBBY to show off, which is really too bad, because the PRIZE was a CAR. Since no one entered, WE SHOT THAT CAR INTO SPACE. Mmm hmmm.

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If you didn't get a chance to donate now's the perfect time! Any time is the right time to support the things you care about.
Congrats to Laura from North Hollywood- she donated on Mother's Day and WON the Belated Mother's Day bouquet. Laura sent the flowers to her mom in grass Valley! Thanks to Foothill Flowers .
See you on the radio, KVMR family!