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KVUE News is featuring Therapy Central this Thursday, 5/2/13!
Jim Bergamo, David and Ken during KVUE interview
KVUE News is running stories on alternative treatments for common ailments. Jim called us and asked if we'd like to participate. Ummmm, YES! The segment will air this Thursday, May 2nd at 6 or 10 pm...Jim thinks 10 pm is more likely but watch both just in case. They should promo the 10 pm spot at 6 pm in any case. The story is actually about 3 1/2 minutes of air time which is a LOT of air time for something like this. We are really excited!!! (Can you tell?!)

The piece will feature Allison Heeney talking about being cured of lifelong Migraine headaches when she just came in to get her knee feeling better so she could run. They also shot a segment with Don Bynum about how he no longer has Arthritis pain after his treatments at Therapy Central but unfortunately that part was cut because of time restraints.
Many thanks to Allison and Don and all of our clients that volunteered to tell their story so that people could find out the type of work we do at all of our locations. Thanks also to Jim for thinking of us when the story idea came up and to David Gardner, Photojournalist/Cameraman. Both made the experience a lot of fun.
I asked Jim two favors before we got started. 1) Make sure the segment is about our technique and process...not about me. It is important for everyone to know that all of our therapists get the same results because our technique works! 2) Make sure people don't end up with the idea that all we treat is migraine headaches and arthritis pain! Our youngest client was 3 WEEKS old and our oldest was 97 YEARS old. We work on athletes with acute injuries and desk jockeys with chronic pain... plantar fasciitis, (someone please tell Albert Pujols), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back pain...the list goes on and on.

Please share this email with everyone on your email list and forward it to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and especially to the family members and friends that you've tried to tell about how we've been able to help you! This may be the nudge that gets them to call and get the relief they've been needing for so long.
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I thanked others and now want to thank you for trusting us with your health and your family's health. We really do appreciate you!

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Thanks again Jim and David! 

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