November 10, 2022
President's Message
I am humbled and honored to have been selected as your 2023 Kent Washington Association of REALTORS® President. I would like to take this opportunity to share my JOURNEY into the real estate industry.

Some of you may know that my dad and his family immigrated to the United States from Portugal with the goal of obtaining the "American Dream". Both of my parents are entrepreneurs; owning and running various businesses. Many times throughout my childhood I listened to my dad's words of advice: "Be a leader, not a follower" and "Follow your own dreams." They bought many properties throughout the years, mostly for investment purposes. I witnessed how real estate and being a business owner gave them financial freedom and helped them achieve the "American Dream." When my husband and I got married, I got my broker's license and we began to do the same. 

I quickly learned along the way that I love to help others achieve their "American Dream."  When I began my JOURNEY as a REALTOR® I realized being an individual agent can be very challenging at times. Trying to successfully navigate my new career is what led me to become more involved in the Board. I quickly realized that on a shared JOURNEY with this Association, I achieved a lot more than I could individually.

The National Association of REALTORS® is America's largest trade organization. Which represents 1.5 million professional members. NAR is a vital force impacting so many people's lives. There are 1.5 million members helping people every day on their JOURNEY to achieve the same "American Dream."   

As you know, our JOURNEY does not end here. There are 1.5 million members out in communities throughout the country and our Foundation and Community Outreach Committee lead the way here at home helping in so many ways. 

This year, the President's charity is Foster Forward. Foster Forward is an organization that supports children and young adults who are currently or formerly in the foster care system. Their mission is to empower lives impacted by foster care. I have chosen this foundation because I strongly feel that investing and improving the lives of our children, is the future of our communities, country and industry.

Our 2023, National Association of REALTORS® President, Kenny Parcell's theme for the year is:  "Not riding for the brand, but rather riding with the brand. Because you, the members of the National Association of REALTORS®, are the brand. The brand is you, and the brand is us. We are the brand: It is who we are."

What Kenny's theme and my message share is that we are united by this rand of REALTORS®. That by belonging to this organization - being a REALTOR® - we achieve more. Belonging allows us the opportunity to collaborate, to be creative, to affect change and to make a difference.  

What I have learned through my ongoing JOURNEY with Kent Washington Association of REALTORS® is that being part of an organization whose members have a shared mindset, makes achieving personal goals more likely. By your reading of this update and being involved demonstrates your commitment and dedication to our industry. I would like to suggest that you become even more involved. As my dad would say, "Be a leader, not a follower." I believe all members should be encouraged to contribute to the conversation and be empowered to work together at all levels of the organization.

Our shared JOURNEY is an ongoing effort of professionalism, dedication, and commitment. My promise to you is to continue to uphold our mission by providing the resources and support that enable our members to maintain high standards of integrity, knowledge, and professionalism as REALTORS®. I promise to support and lead this Association by providing the service our members need through education, technological enhancement, as well as expanding resources.  This year we will be revising our Strategic Plan. I promise to make my input and contribution reflect these principles.

As Kenny said, "Buckle up, we are riding with the Brand in 2023," so let's make sure we enjoy the ride because it truly is: "ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY!"

Crystal D'Agostino
2023 President,
Kent Washington Association of REALTORS®
KWAOR Members Corner
KWAOR Committees in Action
The KWAOR Community Outreach Committee is partnering with Elves for Elders to fulfill gift requests collected from facilities in our communities. Elves for Elders is a program designed to obtain gifts for seniors in facilities across RI who might not otherwise receive a gift for the Holidays. This is year 22 for the program! Last year we filled 2000 gift requests. The program starts on November 1st. There will be stars with a senior’s first name, gift request and size. You may buy one or all the requests on the star as you wish. To participate, you pick a star, purchase the gift, and return it along with an appropriately sized gift bag by December 9th to our KWAOR office. The elves collect the gifts, sort, wrap and distribute them to the appropriate facility. There are always several stars left on the tree that do not get taken. Donations to help purchase these leftover stars are appreciated. Please make checks payable to: Seniors Rule and mail to: Right at Home, 1444 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI 02886. Last year KWAOR filled 100 wishes - let's go for 200 this year!
37 Ways to Lose
Your License
Tuesday, December 6th
at 11:30
in the KWAOR Classroom
Join Monica Staaf, General Counsel for Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®, William DeLuca, DBR, Administrator, Real Estate and Bill Fain of Brown Group Realty as they discuss 37 Ways to Lose Your License. There will be scenarios and interaction with the panel throughout.
Complimentary Lunch provided (registration required)
Event will also be available via Facebook Live!
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This complimentary KWAOR member benefit is sponsored by
Washington Trust. Interested in volunteering on the KWAOR Education Committee? Have ideas for future topics or classes? Please contact
Realtors release Q3 Home Sales Data
A year ago, Rhode Island’s housing market began to wane amid news of rising mortgage rates and continued low inventory. One year later, sales are still declining, while the median price of homes continues to rise year-over-year. However, third-quarter home sales data recently released by the Rhode Island Association of Realtors shows sales activity has declined significantly, while appreciation in the median sales price of homes sold has weakened, the median price itself remains above that of the third quarter of last year.

NAR News
Drive With NAR
Are you tired of listening to the radio when you drive? Try driving with NAR! The Drive with NAR podcast provides you with insights about the sales strategies, resources, and industry tools your fellow REALTORS® are using to steer their business forward.

Listen to Episode 11: Be Who You Are, But Keep it Professional here.
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