February 19, 2022
President's Message
The difference between an agent and a REALTOR® is real.
That’s the subject of the National Association of REALTORS® marketing campaign That's Who We R. You and I know this is true! How many times have you gone out to preview a property to see if works for your clients? Ever dug into the zoning regulations or even sat through an appeal hearing to support your client? I’ve found housing for seller’s furry friends because they weren’t able to take them to their new home. I’ll bet you’ve done something that goes above and beyond what was expected too!
The Spring market has begun. Sellers are thinking about selling and Buyers are out looking. Keep your client’s best interest in mind and know that KWAOR is here to support you.

Bill Fain
2022 President,
Kent Washington Association of REALTORS®
KWAOR is excited to roll out our new Kindness Shoutouts! The shoutouts are your chance to recognize your colleagues for their good works. If you know a REALTOR® who should be recognized please reach out to Tiffany here.

Our first Kindness Shoutout goes to Nate Chatterley of Caldwell Realty!
KWAOR Members Corner
Please reach out to Linda here if interested.
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KWAOR Committees in Action
Out with the old, In with the new!

KWAOR is proud to house a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rhode Island donation bin at our East Greenwich office. The bagged donations of clothing, shoes, and other soft fabric are resold to generate funds to support their mentoring program expenses. Help us make your old shoes, walk a new path!

Unexpected Surge in R.I. Home Sales in January

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NAR News
Building Diverse Communities and Associations

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More information on the REALTOR® commitment to diversity and equality is available at
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