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National LGBTQ+ Pride Month

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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Wednesday, June 15th

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Father's Day

Sunday, June 19

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KWRCC Board Meeting

6pm, Tuesday, June 21st

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Independence Day

Monday, July 4th

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KWRCC believes that ALL survivors deserve to be safe and live free from violence and we continue to advocate for equal access to safety and resources for ALL survivors.

This Pride Month, we stand with the Kodiak LGBTQ+ Community and uphold our commitment to end gender, sexual orientation, and transgender-based types of violence.

Join us in wishing all our fantastic Kodiak Dads out there a wonderful Father's Day!

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Tips for Supporting your LGBTQ Child or Loved One:

  • Lead with love. For some, this will be the natural response. For others, long-held beliefs may get in the way of being able to respond positively and supportively. As best as you can, however, remember this: No matter how easy or difficult learning about your child’s sexual orientation or gender identity is for you, it probably was difficult for them to come out to you. And, while saying “I love you” is one obvious way to express your love for your child, if you find yourself at a loss for words, as many of us do sometimes, a hug can speak volumes.

  • Listen with intention. Give your child ample opportunity to open up and share their thoughts and feelings. Whether they want to talk about their hopes for the future, or a situation that happened in school or at work that day, the prospect for open discussion is endless. If you have a sense that your loved one might want to talk, but isn’t doing so on their own, a gentle open-ended question, such as, “How did things go at school/work/church” today, can open the door to dialogue.

Courtesy of PFLAG.org

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9 Quick Statistics About

Domestic Violence and the LGBTQ Community

  • 43.8% of lesbian women and 61.1% of bisexual women have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime, as opposed to 35% of heterosexual women.

  • 26% of gay men and 37.3% of bisexual men have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime, in comparison to 29% of heterosexual men.

  • In a study of male same sex relationships, only 26% of men called the police for assistance after experiencing near-lethal violence.

  • In 2012, fewer than 5% of LGTBQ survivors of intimate partner violence sought orders of protection. 

  • Transgender victims are more likely to experience intimate partner violence in public, compared to those who do not identify as transgender.

  • Bisexual victims are more likely to experience sexual violence, compared to people who do not identify as bisexual.

  • LGBTQ Black/African American victims are more likely to experience physical intimate partner violence, compared to those who do not identify as Black/African American.

  • LGBTQ white victims are more likely to experience sexual violence, compared to those who do not identify as white.

Courtesy of National Coalition Against Domestic Violence


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Indicators of Adult Abuse
Senior & Disability Services

Wednesday, June 15th

Elder abuse can happen anywhere. There are no boundaries of status or background; both men and women are abused. Risk factors include mental health, dementia, and substance abuse of both victims and abusers. Isolation can also be a risk factor.

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12 Cosas que Todos pueden Hacer para Prevenir el Abuso de Ancianos
12 Bagay na Magagawa ng Bawat Isa upang Maiwasan ang Pang-aabuso sa

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