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22 Iyar~ Light Shabbat candles at 7:04 p.m.  

Feeling lost? Hard to remember what day it is?
Shabbat keeps us grounded. It helps us mark time, it comforts us, it connects us to our families and generations past, present and future... 
Join us to welcome Shabbat!

This week we will be coming into your homes once again via Zoom ( beginning at 5:30 pm. These are shorter than usual services featuring Rabbi, Erica and Scott. The Power Point slides will be viewable to you to follow along if you don't have your own copy of Gates of Prayer for Shabbat and Weekdays.
A Zoom link has been  sent  to all congregants  and we ask for you to please  RSVP to Renee. For our non-members who receive our Connections and wish to view our Kabbalat Shabbat, please message Renee, for this link. We are limited on the number of participants. Thank you for your understanding.

Shabbat Shalom


Where does great Jewish wisdom come from? of the sources is  Pirke Avot, actually a section of Talmud (Mishna, technically). Pirke Avot, usually translated as 'Ethics of the Fathers' is a collection of short teachings by some of the early Rabbinic sages with a lot of wisdom packed in. There is a tradition that between Passover and Shavuot, each week we study a new chapter (six weeks between the two holidays, six chapters). This past Shabbat during Torah Talk, we looked at chapter 4...and hardly got past the first few lines it was so jam-packed ('Who is wise? The one who learns from everyone? Who is rich? The one who is happy with his/her lot...)

We invite all congregants to join us this Tuesday, May 19th for chapter five and the following Tuesday, May 26th  for chapter 6, both from 1-2 PM. A fast moving and uplifting class, great for those who are 'newbies' to Jewish texts.  No charge for CK members.   RSVP to Renee by Sunday.

Erica and Jared's videos for Shabbat candle lighting, Kiddush and Motzi:

Thank you to Erica and Jared for welcoming us in their home. Erica mentions some of the reasons we have two loaves of challah on Shabbat, to which we add that there are two commandments regarding Shabbat in the Torah: Shamor (Keep Shabbat) and Zachor (Remember Shabbat). We hear these in L'cha Dodi, too, when we learn that these two commandments were given in one breath!
Blessing for Shabbat Candlelighting
Blessing over Shabbat candles
Blessing over Shabbat candles
Kiddush - Blessing Over Wine/Grape Juice
Kiddush - Blessing Over Wine/Grape Juice
Motzi - Blessing Over Challah
Motzi - Blessing Over Challah