We've already collected over $1000 in donations but still have a long way to go towards reaching our $10,000 goal! Between now and December 31, 2018, DOUBLE YOUR GIVING IMPACT - every $1 you give will become $2, matched by one of our amazing donors (up to $10k): The Bulmash-Siegel Fund , The Lindy Green Family Charitable Foundation , and Karen Green & George Fischer .

All proceeds of our matching campaign, Kaeja Connects, will go towards our work in communities - allowing us to continue providing everyday people with opportunities to connect, create, witness, and perform.

All donations will receive tax receipts. If you have already donated - thank you!

Thank you for your ongoing support! We wouldn't be here without you!
Photo by SVPhotography. Porch View Dances 2018. Porch View Dances was conceived by Karen Kaeja and developed with Allen Kaeja. Chor. by Karen Kaeja and Allen Kaeja. Participants: Jim & Owen Adams.
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