Pamela Kahl
Summer Sky
Photography/Mixed Media
16" x 20"
Pamela Kahl
N. Myrtle Beach, SC

Born in New England in 1955.

Educated completed in 1978 in Philadelphia PA. Tyler School of Art, BFA in Painting.
Lived in Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, California, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and finally South Carolina. 

I have always loved living near the water. South Carolina appeals to me because of the ability to be near the water. The sky has always been a draw for me. The light reflecting from the water, the longer days of sunlight in the south, the warmer weather have all enticed me to make Myrtle beach my home. 

My background and training is in painting, especially color studies. I started about 10 years ago to work more in photography. I work from photos I have taken and use two different computer programs to create the final image. One creates kaleidoscopes and the second makes a mosaic of the original photo using the kaleidoscopes. 

The resulting "fractured" image that reads from a distance as an image but up close is interesting as an abstract appeals to the painter in me.
-Pamela Kahl