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February 2018
Summer Camp 2018
(June 18th - August 24th)
Deadline: March 31st 
Registration for Summer Camp is now open!   All students who register before March, 31st, 2018 will receive  FREE  before & after care for all weeks that they register.  This is a  savings  of up to $100 per week.

Camp highlights: 2 camp sites, swimming, field trips, belt exams, themed weeks, private lessons, and much more!
Watch to learn more about our Summer Program.
Weekend and Evening Classes
These classes are designed for students who want accelerated training. Check out some of the weekend & evening programs we offer in the local area by clicking below.

If you do not see your program listed on the following link then please contact our office directly for more information.
Adult Classes
Five Adult Classes Each Week*
Now accepting new students
Silver Spring, MD
Intermediate & Advanced 
Silver Spring, MD
Silver Spring, MD
Beginner & Intermediate
Arlington, VA
All Belt Levels 
All Belt Levels
Beginners Classes on Tuesdays  
Learn the basics while you gain strength and get fit to go to the next level.

*Pay for 1 adult class, then you may attend all adults classes (does not apply to youth programs)
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