January 2017
Dear Friends,
There is so much work to be done! But how do you stay true to what really matters? In this month's newsletter, leaders of Kalliopeia's projects and grant partners offer important lessons that I find myself returning to again and again:
A teacher at a Tibetan Buddhist nunnery instructs our Spiritual Ecology Fellows that real compassion is a combination of feeling and action together. Members of the Contemplative Alliance realize during their time at Standing Rock that until spiritual balance is restored, the physical destruction of the land will continue. An environmentalist turned Episcopal priest shares that "the question is not whether one takes action, it is from what heart and mind one does so." Could it be that our most important work will be the quality of empathy and care we bring into our relationships with each other and the Earth? 
Through our grantmaking and programs, we work to support these leaders. We hope their stories below serve as inspiration to you for this new year, and for the uncharted waters that lie ahead.
With my best wishes,
Zoƫ Fuller-Rowell
Executive Director

Spiritual Ecology 

In 2016, the Spiritual Ecology fellows participated in a workshop with Tibetan Buddhist nuns in India who are part of an eco-monastic network of more than 60 monasteries and nunneries established by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, called KHORYUG. Throughout India, Nepal and Bhutan, this network of monks and nuns are putting the spiritual values of compassion and interdependence into action to address environmental issues impacting the Himalayan region and Tibetan plateau. 

This is our first short film on spiritual ecology, with more to come. Stay tuned!

The Cultural Conservancy

This video, produced by The Cultural Conservancy, introduces a growing network of Native corn growers and allies who are sharing traditional knowledge and amplifying voices of seed keepers and knowledge holders to keep our vital relationship to maize flourishing and nourishing

Global Peace Initiative of Women

Members of the Contemplative Alliance recently visited Standing Rock, where they were introduced to " a spirituality of reciprocity and obligation to the natural world in all its manifestations," as well as an unsettling glimpse of how Native Peoples view white man's consciousness - referred to by Lakota as Wasi'chu, "takes too much."
The Capital Institute

One of the principles highlighted in The Capital Institute's  Field Guide to a Regenerative Economy is honoring community and place. In this Field Guide story, Mark Phillips delves into the rich history and unique landscape of Chadds Ford, PA, seeking to "reimagine (or perhaps remember) what the cultural-historian Thomas Berry referred to as a mutually-enhancing presence between humans and the Earth."

Read the article

Satyana Institute

Drawing together men and women, in communities around the world, Gender Equity and Reconciliation International's work addresses dysfunctional gender dynamics and systemic patriarchal injustice through a skillful group healing process.  Witnessing each other's stories, "a bridge of the heart is created, which transforms or challenges our identity."

Read the article

Global Oneness Project

The latest film from the Global Oneness Project tells the story  of Mohammed Alsaleh, a young Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada in 2014. After fleeing torture and imprisonment by the Assad regime, he is rebuilding his life, finding resilience and hope for a new beginning.

Watch the video

Stories We Love
Fred Bahnson, director of the Food, Health, and Ecological Well-Being Program at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, writes about the Church of the Woods, a congregation in New Hampshire led by Stephen Blackmer:  "Hearing Blackmer talk, one might wonder how a shift in consciousness can save a beleaguered planet....  The question is not whether one takes action, it is from what heart and mind one does so."

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