March 2017
Dear Friends,
Women's History Month reminds me how far women have come as leaders in every field, competing, succeeding, and influencing society. But qualities associated with women, like love and reverence for all life, are not always at the forefront of these stories.  

This month we feature women who hold care for people and care for the Earth at the heart of their work. Climate and Earth activist Osprey Orielle Lake acknowledges women defenders and protectors around the world who risk their safety to protect their children's futures. Social and systems scientist Riane Eisler urges us to shift towards prioritizing partnership and care in our economy. Courtney Martin and Cleary Vaughan-Lee offer perspectives as mothers on activism and education, calling on love and empathy as guiding forces. 

We're looking towards stories like these that show how an ethics of care can play  a more fundamental role in society  - from an individual level to a systemic one. As Native American leader Pat McCabe says, "My compass is pointed toward thriving life."

Warm wishes,
Michelle Moore
Communications Coordinator

Global Oneness Project

"If we can engage students with the issues of immigration and the refugee crisis through the heart, we can teach not only facts and history, but empathy - one of the most valuable skills for our future. These students are our global leaders of tomorrow."

Cleary Vaughan-Lee's recent article for PBS Education features an interview with a history teacher from her son's school who has been using the new Global Oneness Project film, "Welcome to Canada," to talk about empathy, Islamophobia, and the current refugee crisis.

Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN)

Women around the world stand at the forefront of rising movements to defend and protect the health of water, land, air, and diverse communities. WECAN honors a few of these women who are protecting the Earth, one another, and the common good.

Center for Partnership Studies

A pattern of domination can be found in every aspect of our society. We teach it to our children from a very early age. Center for Partnership Studies director Riane Eisler urges us to move towards a "caring economics" that prioritizes elements of partnership, like care for people and nature.
On Being

"Just as mothers have, from time immemorial, loved without condition, we must now love this nation like mothers. We must parent it into a new maturity." On Being columnist Courtney Martin calls on us to embrace real love in our work to care for our communities and country.

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The three women on this Bioneers panel speak from the heart about what it means to bring the feminine forward in leadership and how that relates to masculine qualities in both women and men. Their diverse cultural perspectives offer pathways for bringing these qualities into balance - both personally and societally.  

Stories We Love
"How can working with the feminine empower us to meet the call of our present time from a new perspective, drawing on the principles of interconnectedness, embodiment, and reverence for all life? How can we bring unity and harmony back into a civilization and planet whose present collective values are so divisive and self-destructive - destroying even the eco-system that supports us?" Sufi teacher and author Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee writes about how reconnecting with feminine qualities and values will help us respond to the need of the time.


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