May 2017
Dear Friends,

A few stories that crossed my desk this month suggest how important listening can be both in healing communities and in restoring the land.
Center for Earth Jurisprudence poses the question, What is Earth asking of us?, recognizing how the well-being and rights of nature are bound together with our own. Genesis Farm shows how recovering our communion with Earth brings an understanding of the needs of the whole community. Center for Courage & Renewal and Red Hook Peacemaking Program offer practices that create trust and new possibilities among people who can't find common ground.
Listening can change the way we approach nature and each other, helping us see how we belong together and how we can work together.
With gratitude,
Michelle Moore
Communications Coordinator

Genesis Farm

Kosmos Journal interviewed Genesis Farm cofounder Sister Miriam MacGillis about her work,  restoring the land and rediscovering the sacredness of the place. "The realization that the entire Earth and all its life communities are the primary revelation of the divine is a mystery we are immersed in on these lands comprising Genesis Farm and in this bioregion."

Earth Law Center

In another victory for the rights of nature, the Atrato River has been granted legal personhood rights by the Constitutional Court in Colombia. Earth Law Center will be working with partners to support implementation of the judgement.

Center for Earth Jurisprudence

Sister Pat Siemen, director emeritus of  Center for Earth Jurisprudence (CEJ), interviews Vandana Shiva  about the relationship of human rights and earth rights. CEJ works to advance law, policy, and governance systems aimed at legally protecting the sustainability of life and health on Earth.

Red Hook Peacemaking Program

Recently, Brooklyn police officers were trained for the first time in Red Hook Justice Center's Peacemaking Program, which adapts Native American conflict resolution strategies to healing relationships within the community. "We want to do Peacemaking because we believe that it will be an alternative way to solve issues within the community."
Center for Courage & Renewal

Center for Courage & Renewal facilitator Marcia Eames-Sheavly describes the practice of asking honest and open questions and the process of being receptive enough to another person to find those questions. "I began to witness just how many interactions were trimmed by the offering of advice or a 'helpful' suggestion, after which, the dialogue was over."

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On Being

What would our country look like if we practiced true, generous listening toward our neighbor? A young man embarks on a 4,000-mile journey to hear the stories of his fellow Americans. 

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Uniting spiritual values with
social and environmental change

Congratulations to the first cohort of Spiritual Ecology Fellows  who have just completed the program and will be implementing their projects over the coming year.   The 2017 Fellows have now been selected, and we think you will be inspired by their visions and hope for the future.  On the Fellowship website, you can read their bios and project descriptions. We're excited to see where these projects will lead them and how they will help shape the emerging story of Spiritual Ecology! 

Upcoming Events

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