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Kalona SuperNatural: Beyond Organic. Beyond Delicious. 

Kalona Farms was established in 2005 by Bill Evans and his family.  As they became part of their  farming community in Kalona, Iowa, they began to help the other farmers with the distribution of their high-quality, organic dairy products.  In 2010, Kalona SuperNatural was created.

Kalona's organic milk and dairy products come from small, sustainable farms with average herds of 35 cows. They process the milk at the lowest temperature possible, allowing the products to be delivered in their most natural state; meaning FRESH product and taste!

Kalona products are non-homogenized, organic, rich in vitamins and minerals and now they are AGA Certified Grassfed!

OCM's 19th Annual Food and Agriculture Conference
There is still time to sign up!

Join OCM in Kansas City August 11-12th to learn how you can take action to stop the extinction of America's family farmers and raditional agricultural practices.  

OCM will be hosting 20+ speakers including Wes Jackson, John Ikerd, Lillian Salerno, Mike Callicrate, Joe Maxwell, Greg Gunthorp, and more!

OCM Conference: $65.00
Friday, August 11 from 1:00pm-5:00pm, and Saturday, August 12 from 8:30am-5:30pm
Reception & Banquet: $45.00
Friday, August 11, Reception at 5:30pm, Banquet at 6:30pm
Lunch: $25.00
Saturday, August 12 at 12:00pm

Embassy Suites Hotel by Hilton - KCI
7640 NW Tiffany Springs Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64153
Reservations may be made under the group name Organization for Competitive Markets at a rate of $119.00/per night. Book your room  online  or by calling (816) 891-7788.

Engagement with FSIS Policy: Experiences from the Field
Hear from a panel of speakers who are engaging with USDA FSIS policy as it relates to small meat plants and niche meats. The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, with NMPAN's help, is steering a small plant policy group that is meeting quarterly with top FSIS leadership to address policy concerns for small operators. These include issues around humane handling rules, inspector training, pathogen testing, labeling, outreach to small plants, funding, and more. Learn what these folks are up to, what concerns are most pressing for them, and what they believe are potential policy levers for change. We will conclude with next steps and ways others can get involved in having their voices heard.
Panelists will include:  F erd Hoefner, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition; Carrie Balkom, American Grassfed Association; Brian Sapp, White Oak Pastures; Denise Perry, Lorentz Meats; Greg Gunthorp, Gunthorp Family Farm
When: Thursday, August 17th, 2017
Time: 9-10:15am PST/12-1:15pm EST
Where: Go to this link to pre-register for FREE. Plan on registering at least 10 minutes before the webinar begins.
All NMPAN webinars are open to the public and free of charge.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the event.


Noteable Media Mentions
What Do Meat Labels Really Mean?

AGA had a notable highlight on the Rachel Ray Magazine website in an article "Decoding Meat Labels" by Larry Olmsted, Author of Real Food Fake Food. 

"To ensure you're getting the benefits of grassfed (more omega-3s, less fat), make sure the label on your beef includes the American Grassfed Association's seal." 

Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE to learn more about different marketing labels.
Organic Ranchers Eye Amazon Distribution Ahead of Whole Foods Deal

"We are excited about exploring possibilities with them," Will Harris,  White Oak Pastures  said. "It suggests that this niche in the market is becoming mainstream enough that they feel their delivery system might have traction with it." 

Read the   FULL NY TIMES ARTICLE HERE on the meeting between AGA President and White Oak Pastures Owner, Will Harris, and Amazon.

Conference Recaps from July!
Crested Butte Food and Wine Festival

Eat. Drink. Think. 2017
The last weekend of July saw executive director Carrie Balkcom participate in the second-annual Eat. Drink. Think. component of the Crested Butte Wine & Food Festival. The thought-provoking panels-there were two and both were centered around understanding sourcing and labeling surrounding meat and seafood-were well received and offered an expert's look into what is and isn't working within the food system. The importance of seeking out AGA-certified grass-fed beef, lamb, goat, and bison was part of the dialogue. Most food and wine-related festivals promote little more than indulgence but Crested Butte's event is different. Through panels such as Eat. Drink. Think., the festival offers all the fun with the addition of intellectual, issue-based discussion that will hopefully resonate long after the festival has ended. Panelists included: Carrie Balkcon, Simone Jones of the Monterey Bay Aquarium; Kay Cornelius of Niman Ranch, chef Kelly Whitaker of Basta Restaurant in Boulder; chef Jennifer Jasinski of Crafted Concepts Restaurant Group in Denver; chef Alex Seidel of Fruition Restaurant, Mercantile Dining & Provision, and Fruition Farms in Denver; chef Theo Otte of 626 on Rood in Grand Junction; and Amanda M. Faison of Good Food Media Network (moderator)
Summary Written By: Amanda Faison

Slow Food Nations, Denver, CO.

AGA joined 500+ delegates from over 40 states and a dozen countries for the Slow Food Nations Delegate Summit.  AGA represented the certified grassfed meat and dairy industry along side various types of  farmers and ranchers, fishers, chefs, academics, students, indigenous peoples, youth, community organizers, and food activists.  

AGA Executive Director, Carrie Balkcom, spoke on two panels discussing labeling within the industry .  We were excited to educate the Slow Food Delegates about the issues ranchers are facing because of corporate label abuse and the misuse of marketing terms on unverified products to drive sales.  AGA, OCM, the ASPCA, and Rancher Greg Gunthorp all stood strong together and offered up guidance on not only how to decode the various labels in the marketplace, but how to stand up and make a difference in the food system.

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