Dear Tournament Capital Volunteers, 

As of October 1st, the Sports Legacy Fund is once again taking funding applications for its 12th allocation period. The deadline is November 30, 2019 and applicants are reminded that all completed applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the Society no later than the November 30th deadline.

The majority of organizations use the on line application program but completed submissions are also accepted by mail or email.

There is only one application period each year to access funding. Results of this year's granting process will be released in late January 2020.

Please consult the website, www.kamloopssportslegacyfund.com for the eligibility criteria and list of required documents outlined on the application form. The mailing address is also available on the website. The application will not be considered unless the documentation is complete on submission. Questions may be directed to Bob Smillie by email at rsmillie@shaw.ca. Organizations that are incorporated are requested to submit their amended constitution and bylaws that are aligned with the new BC Societies Act.

Since the first allocation of the Sports Legacy Fund in 2009, $3,560,000 has been granted to 109 Kamloops and Region sport groups. Consult the Annual Report, March 2019 on the website to catch up on last year's grants and the Fund's accumulated total.

Applicants are encouraged to review the eligibility criteria and ensure that the information is as complete as possible. The opportunity for leveraging Society funds and matching of grants significantly extends the capacity of the Sports Legacy Fund and is encouraged.

Multiyear requests continue to be discouraged at this time due to potential annual funding demands on the Legacy Fund. Requests for individual or event sponsorships, program funding and travel grants including accommodation, meals, transportation and per diems remain ineligible. SD 73 affiliated organizations are also excluded due to the limited capacity to be inclusive of all the potential requests. Organizations that offer programs to the school district are encouraged to apply for funding.

Organizations considering capital projects are required to submit a budget outlining the project and sources of funding. The Sports Legacy Fund grants are based on the cost to complete and will be the last funds committed to ensure completion of the project. Fund raising should be well advanced before an application is submitted.

Coaches and officials are funded for workshop registration and to upgrade coaching certification with the goal of improving their capacities and experiences to support community sport. These grants are complimentary to the PacificSport Interior of BC program. Requests are to be submitted by the applicants' local sport organization.

Each year, the grants are evaluated and the outcomes published in the Annual Report. This ensures that the funds are appropriately expended in an open and transparent manner and the process open to public scrutiny.

Applicants are encouraged to join and maintain their memberships with the Kamloops Sports Council. Although this is not a requirement for securing funding, it reflects the applying organization's commitment to enhancing the community sport experience. The Society is partnered with the City of Kamloops to ensure sport is well represented in the decision making processes vital to the well-being of the community.
Calling all local sport organizations, parents and coaches!

Learn about the new Long Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity 3.0 model that was just released. Long Term Development in Sport and Activity is a framework for the development of every child, youth, and adult to enable optimal participation in sport and physical activity. It takes into account growth, maturation and development, train ability and sport system alignment. 

Date: Thursday, November 14th
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm (Includes Q&A)
Location: Tournament Capital Centre - Meeting Room D
Cost: Donation to KidSport
Facilitator: Drew Mitchell - Director of Physical Literacy

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We are now accepting nominations for the 
2020 Hall of Fame inductees.  
This year we are looking to induct individuals and have a special interest in teams being inducted into the Hall of Fame.  
 If you know of a team that has earned this recognition or an individual please send in their sport resume to 

We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSportâ„¢ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.
KidSport Kamloops is a local chapter of KidSport Canada.  Funds raised locally are spent locally and are distributed as grants to cover registration and/or equipment fees associated with participation in a season of sport.
For more information please email us at kidsportkamloops@gmail.com or call 250-828-3822.
You can also follow us on Twitter for updates @KidSportKam

P.L.A.Y. Kamloops
(Physical Literacy and You) 

Vision: P.L.A.Y. Kamloops... for health, for fun, for life.
Mission: Advancing opportunities to engage our communities to be active through life.
We value: being inclusive, working collaboratively, acting as a catalyst, quality, life-ling learning, and integrity.

Did you Know? 

Kids who have fun playing a sport or taking part in physical activity are more likely to stay active and healthy for their entire lifetime. They are likely to develop a higher level of physical literacy and also have a better chance to pursue excellence in sport. 

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