Dear Tournament Capital Volunteers, 
COVID- 19 Update 
The Kamloops Sports Council will remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working at the office from 
8:00 am- 12:00 pm Monday to Friday. 

We have taken additional steps to make sure that we are maintaining the health of our staff and the public.

If you are wanting to come into the office to speak with us please call ahead so that we have notice of you coming. (250) 828-3822.
(Please note the ring road on McArthur Island is currently closed) 

The Kamloops Sports Council is committed to working to assistance our members and other Local Sport Organizations during this challenging time.  If you need guidance with getting your plans in place and submitting them to the Provincial Sport Organizations please don't hesitate to contact us. 

If you have any questions please let us know.

Stay Well,
Kamloops Sports Council Staff

After extensive consultation with the Kamloops 2020 Canada 55+ Games Host Committee, and the City of Kamloops, the Canadian Senior Games Association has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Games and name Kamloops the host of the 2022 Games taking place on August 22nd- 26th. 

The health of our participants, volunteers, and organizers will always be our top priority, and given the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic this decision was made with everyone's safety in mind.
We are confident that the Host Committee can now focus on providing an excellent Games experience for our participants in the safest environment possible.

Thank you for your continued support, we look forward to a successful event in 2022. 

Brian Richardson
President (Acting)
Canada Senior Games Association

Henry Pejril
Kamloops 2022 55+ Canada Games

ViaSport is currently working closely with the Provincial Sport Organizations and the Government of BC to develop sector wide guidelines for the return to sport.  The Kamloops Sports Council is committed to helping our members and local sport organizations to return to sport.  

Please view the three documents provided by viaSport below. 

Please contact us if you are in need of assistance with getting your plans in place and submitting them. 


Many student athletes miss out on the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education because they don't know how the process works or even how to start. 
Join us as Bill Green, owner of Triple Play Athletics leads a three part workshop on the world of post-secondary athletics. Bill has helped hundreds of families with the recruiting process, including his own son who played Major League Basebell for the Milwaukee Brewers.

B.C. has flattened the curve and we are preparing to carefully re-start services, the economy and our lives. Your input is important as we develop our action plans

Visit this page to take the survey.
Ride Don't Hide Kamloops is going Virtual!

In times of crisis, everyone's mental health needs increase. As we face an unprecedented health crisis due to COVID-19, CMHA Kamloops is responding as best we can to support our community's mental health. 
So today we are repositioning Ride Don't Hide as a virtual event.

Dr. Bonnie Henry stated that we still need to go outdoors and to breathe in fresh air. Being physically active is key to mental health. Cycling is a perfect physical activity with natural social-distancing.

So from May 1st - June 30th, you can ride anytime, anywhere - and self-isolate - to support critical mental health services in Kamloops. Ride Anytime, Anywhere gives us an opportunity to work together for something good, while being apart.

Thank you for your tremendous commitment and ongoing support.

We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSportâ„¢ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.
KidSport Kamloops is a local chapter of KidSport Canada.  Funds raised locally are spent locally and are distributed as grants to cover registration and/or equipment fees associated with participation in a season of sport.
For more information please email us at  kidsportkamloops@gmail.com or call 250-828-3822.
Even if it feels like the world has come to a standstill, that doesn't mean you should.

We've always believed in the power of movement and a healthy lifestyle. Now that many of us find ourselves isolated at home, cut off from each other and more sedentary than usual, movement has become more important than ever. 

Follow the Link below for  Physical Literacy at Home and ways to get moving. 
Kamloops Sports Council
Getting to know our Local Sport Organizations

Kamloops Aquatic Club (KAC),  Kamloops Classic Swimming,  Kamloops Masters Swimming,  SwimSkill Lesson,  Swim Play Summer Camps

Can you tell us a little about your club and what your club does?
KAC has 4 separate arms within the Club. They are as follows with a brief description:
  • Kamloops Classic Swimming: Competitive and recreational swimming for children 6 to 22 yrs of age ranging from a novice level up to the Olympic level swimmer. This program in the club has roughly 115 swimmers.
  • Kamloops Masters Swimming: Competitive and recreational swimming for adults 18 to 90 years of age. This program has 35 members and they train 1 to 4 times a week. The level of swimmers range from learning to swim, to adults competing at Masters Nationals
  • SwimSkill Lessons: A learn to swim program for children 5 to 12 years of age. The program has 5 levels and the program runs 3 sessions every year (Fall/Winter/Spring) Beginning with children who can float to young children 6 - 7 who are ready to join the Kamloops Classic Swim Club.
  • Swim & Play Summer Camps: A learn to swim program for children 5 to 12 years of age. The program has 5 levels and offers 6 one-week camps during the summer. Each camp has half and full-day options for children. Children who can float are eligible for this program. Each day the camp is broken into a number of activities: Swimming Lessons/Dryland Games/Cardboard boat building/water guns and science activities. 
How long has your club been active and operating?
The Kamloops Aquatic Club has been operating in Kamloops since 1972. 

Where does your club do the majority of training?
The majority of the KAC swimming/training takes place at the Canada Games Pool (CGP). However, during the CGP renovations the club will be swimming at the Brocklehurst Outdoor Pool and the Westsyde Swimming Pool.

Describe your club athletes in one word.

What are your proudest club accomplishments or achievements that you'd like to highlight?
This year (2020) we had 11 swimmers qualified for the 2020 Canadian Olympic Swimming Trials. Of the 11, 10 swimmers were committed to attending. Back when I took over the Head Coaching position with Kamloops, I had a Regional Coaches Meeting where I stated one of my goals for Kamloops was to have 5 swimmers competing at the Canadian Senior Nationals. I was laughed at. 

What has your club been working on lately?
Zoom Dryland Sessions and Zoom Sport Psych Sessions (Meditation breathing and relaxation/Visualization Stroke/Race Strategy and Goal Setting for the fall)

What is an inspiring moment that you've witnessed from one of your athletes or coaches? 

Ryley McRae dropping 55 seconds off of his best 1500 Freestyle time and making the Canadian Junior National Team and being world ranked in the top 25, 18 & Under Males.

What are some of your club's future goals?
Next year to be back at the same performance and membership levels that we were at in March 2020. Our facility has been shut down for 7 months because of COVID and for renovations.

Who are some volunteers that you'd like to highlight in your club community for their work and dedication?
Chris Cameron - Current Club President. Lianne Milobar, Aletta Ackermann and Karyn Sutherland previous Past Presidents with the club and Nancy Flood from TRU. All these people have committed a significant amount of time to build a successful club.

What are you missing the most about the regular operations of your club during these times during the pandemic?
Talking to the kids and having them working out.

Where would you like to see a positive change in Kamloops sport and why?
In the City of Kamloops, I have always maintained that we are very good at supporting our Professional/Elite Athletes and the Grassroot programs. However, there is way more that could be done to support our 13/14 & Over athletes that are trying to become elite. (Pool space/Dryland space and an integrated academic sports program in the City). With the CGP about to be renovated the City is down to only 14 lanes of pool space available to be used (8 Outdoors and 6 indoors). This is not near enough for a City of this size and for either the athletes trying to become elite or the Seniors in the community. We need more water space!

What do you think makes Kamloops a great sporting community?
The volunteers and leaders in Kamloops are generally very progressive when it comes to sport. I'm lucky to generally have a very good working relationship with our facility.

Tell us something that not everyone would know about your club?  

Each year we generally have about 500 people/members in Kamloops involved in our program. Although we get lots of accolades for the high-level performance, we also have a lot of people (old and young) who are learning to swim for the recreational side of having a healthy life skill. Secondly, our focus throughout the club is: "Developing Citizens one stroke at a time".

How do people connect with the club (website, email, social, etc.) to learn more and get involved?  


KCS Website     

KCS Facebook    

Swimskill Lesson Program 

Swim Skill Link

Kamloops Masters Swimming


Lastly: our coaches are always approachable on deck for more information during workouts.

A re there any general comments you would like to share?
Swimming in Kamloops is doing really well! However, we need more water space for all to continue to grow the sport and develop healthy lifestyle s.


Kamloops Sports Council