September Newsletter
Team BC Combines
The BCPFA are hosting Team BC fitness and skills combines for athletes age 15, 16, 17 and 18. These combines will be held in each region of the province and athletes must participate in each phase to ensure eligibility to any Team BC program.

  • Phase One Combine (Fall): Baseline Testing
  • Phase Two Combine (Winter): Mid-Point Testing (tracking athlete progress)
  • Phase Three Combine (Spring): Final Testing (used for Team BC Selection)

Each region will host at least two combines in each phase to ensure athletes are provided with an opportunity to attend.
Kamloops Hosts BC Combine This Saturday
Kamloops Fitness Combine - Team BC
September 19th, 2020
3:30pm to 6:30pm
Location: Hillside Stadium

Duncan Hosts BC Combine On Sept 26th
Vancouver Island Fitness Combine - Team BC
September 26th, 2020
12 noon to 5pm

Team BC Update
The BCPFA is pleased to announce the commencement of the Team BC high performance program and regional academy for the 2020-21 training period.

Participation in the regional program is a pre-requisite for selection to the teams representing BC at the 2021 Canada Cup and 2021 Western Challenge. Both these championships will be hosted in BC for 2021. Information about the new regional academy is available on the BCPFA website.
Safe Contact Week
The BCPFA would like to remind all coaches of the need to conduct a Safe Conduct Week at the START of all tackle programs.

The BCPFA has recently expanded its Safe Contact section of our website:

The BCPFA would also like to remind all member coaches that they must be Safe Contact trained. This requirement applies to any coach of an amateur team or club that falls under Football Canada’s umbrella.

A coach can become Safe Contact trained by following two easy steps:

  1. Take the online course “Making Head Way in Football”
  2. Register and attend a Safe Contact clinic through his or her club

Clubs can contact to host a safe contact clinic.
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