April 7, 2020 | Issue #16
To Our LWHS Community
With the announcement that all schools will be closed through the end of the academic year, we wanted to let you know that  LWHS PTSA  is still open! We will be working hard to continue to support our students, families and LWHS staff, and finding ways to do this even though we won’t be seeing each other in person. Please continue to read this newsletter and check our Facebook page often for new information on our programming and how we might be adjusting our offerings to the new online school format. We will also be looking to share how other community partners and local organizations are adapting to support students and providing valuable resources. We welcome your input and ideas on what we can do to help you and your student as we navigate this new normal.
Finally, please consider joining us next year by volunteering to chair one of our programs or serve on our board. Our students and staff may need more support then ever as we emerge from our isolation and we need your help to make that happen!
Stay Well,
LWHS PTSA President
LWHS PTSA Seeking Board Members for 2020-2021
Connect and Be a Part of the LWHS Community

Want to put your skills to good use? Want to make a difference? Want greater insight
into your student’s school? The LWHS PTSA Nominating Committee is looking for people
to serve on the 2020-2021 PTSA Board.

We are especially looking to fill the following Board positions:
  • Executive Vice President
  • VP Student Programs
  • VP Student Support
  • VP Ways and Means

There are other opportunities to get involved, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested. All positions can be shared by more than one person.  Click here  for complete job descriptions.

If interested and/or would like more information, contact the Nominating Committee at  nomcom@lwhsptsa.org

Denise Ferguson, Barbie Collins Young, Dan Olson 
LWHS PTSA Nominating Committee
In Appreciation of LWHS Administrators, Teachers and Staff
Our PTSA would like to send virtual hugs and a huge  THANK YOU  for all the work that is going on behind the scenes at LWHS to support students and families! Our school closure is difficult for everyone, but so many are working hard to make resources available and continue to engage our students. Just a few examples;
The  College and Career Center’s  PowerSchool page is chock full of current information about summer opportunities, testing updates and college or career resources to keep your student on track with summer or post high school planning.
The  Counseling Center  has been sharing weekly updates with tips on staying well and other emotional health and well-being resources.

And, all of our fabulous  Teachers  have been keeping our students engaged with fun and informative enrichment activities. And they even sent a cool video along with  Staff  and  Administrators  to share how much they miss our students.
Thank you to the individuals behind these efforts and  all the others  who continue to support our families and students in ways big and small!
If you would like to send a shout out or just let us know what you and your students are doing while away from campus, please send comments, photos or ideas to our Facebook page so we can all stay connected by emailing  social@lwhsptsa.org  and check out our page at  https://www.facebook.com/lwhsptsa/

COVID-19 Resources and info
The Lake Washington School District's COVID-19 page contains a wealth of information and resources for our families during the current school closure.

Additional information regarding the pandemic can be found on the following agency websites:
Online Resources for Parents and Students Community
In true PTA fashion, we are harvesting a great resource that the European PTA has assembled,  Online Resources for Parents and Students During COVID-19 Closures . There is a wealth of information and links categorized in sections such as "Family Activities to do at Home" and "STEM Resources" and "Free Subscriptions and Services". You will find links to the Cincinnati Zoo for a home safari or the Seattle Symphony Orchestra for free live stream performances.
WSPTA appreciates the European PTA (comprising the military bases in Europe) for sharing this resource.
Sustainability at LWHS: Celebrating Earth Day
RETHINK:  Be a Thoughtful Recycler and Recycle Right
In honor of Earth Day (April 22), the challenge is to recycle more. Much of our household waste can be  recycled or reused

To get familiar with what items can be recycled at curbside, check-in with your garbage hauler:
When recycling, here some important tips for doing it right:
  • Loose plastic bags and recyclables in plastic bags DO NOT belong in the Recycle bin. Plastic Bags create serious problems at recycling facilities. (Note: currently many grocery stores are not accepting your reusable bags and bagging groceries in paper bags. Save the paper bags and use them to collect recyclables, they can be recycled too!). You can also invest in a dedicated Recycle bin to place next to your Trash bin.
  • Recyclables, such as cans and bottles, should be clean and dry before recycling them. Why? Food residue from a jar/bottle could easily spill onto cardboard or paper, rendering them unfit to be recycled. And your Recycle bin will also stay clean.
  • Most important: When in doubt, throw it out!

For Questions & Comments, Contact Pam Hay
LWHS PTSA Sustainability Chair
LWPTSA Scholarships Extended
Due to the King County school closures, LWPTSA Council has extended its scholarship submission deadline to May 1, 2020, and is now accepting applications via email. Please see the revised applications and instructions below.

The Lake Washington PTSA Council is pleased offer 13 student scholarships of $1,250 each and two $500 staff scholarships. The Scholarship Program is funded by money raised at the Council’s annual Scholarship Basket Auction, by annual donations from the 44 PTSAs in the LWSD and LWEA, and by donations from the greater community.

For more information, contact Scholarships Co-Chairs Andrea Stoppani and Reva Racmachandran at  scholarships@lwptsa.net .
2020-2021 Reflections Arts Competition
Start Reflecting on Next Year’s Theme
It’s not too early to get your student’s creative juices flowing for next year’s Reflections competition. The theme is  I Matter Because…
What is Reflections ? Reflections is a National PTA arts competition offered through the LWHS PTSA.

Who can participate?  Any student, Kindergarten to 12th grade.
How to participate?  Students enter a piece of art that goes through a judging process at the school level with the potential to advance to the Council, State and National level.
What are the Art Categories ? Visual Arts (2D only), Music Composition, Photography, Literature, Film Production and Dance Choreography. There is also a Special Artist Division (for students with disabilities).
How to get started?  Rules for next year are not available but students can refer to last year’s Rules and the Checklist for Success, located on the PTSA website/Programs.
Questions?  Contact Reflections Chair, Pam Hay
Help Support Families in Need
Friends, we are so fortunate to live in the Lake Washington School District and that the district can provide free breakfasts and lunches during the current school closure (see lwsd.org for more information).  

If you would like to help provide additional food for these students, especially for dinners and for weekends, please consider a financial donation to Pantry Packs or to Kirkland Nourishing Networks, both of which ensure kids get nutritious meals when school is not in session. At the moment, financial donations are the most beneficial to the organizations because Pantry Packs buys food in bulk and Kirkland Nourishing Networks is distributing grocery gift cards to counselors in this current emergency.
Pantry Packs  donations may be made at the "Donate Now" button or the "Amazon Wishlist" button at  https://www.lwsf.org/pantrypacks.html . If you know of a child or children in our district who could use these services, please follow the link to "List of School Coordinators" near the bottom of the page. School Coordinators can help put you in touch with services at the various schools. 
Kirkland Nourishing Network  donations may be made through the link on their website  https://kirklandnourishingnetwork.org/ .
The LWHS PTSA is proud to recommend these organizations as we all work together to provide for the students we all serve. 
From the Counseling Center
I hope this finds you and your family well. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the steady stream of information about the COVID-19 virus. We all have been personally impacted; parents may be working at home, schools are closed, activities are cancelled. Our comfortable routines are gone. We are confined to our homes to practice social distancing just when we need the nourishment and support that spending time with others can give us. We’ve never been here before. We have lots of questions, and not enough answers.

We ask that you take a moment to check out our Counseling web page and our resources tab . We’ve addressed common questions and provided links to get questions answered. We update this site often, so your student will want to check back. We also post a weekly newsletter on our Counseling PowerSchool site. Students will find resources, information regarding semester 2, and activities designed to help de-stress. And, finally, students need to be checking their emails every day so they don’t miss important communication.

Most importantly, we are here to help, so please reach out to us if you have questions.

LWHS Counseling Center
Balance in Mind Parent Chat
Lake Washington School’s Foundation  Balance in Mind  group is pleased to provide an opportunity for parents to talk with mental health professionals and other parents in a safe and supportive space. New topics every week. Learn more and register here.
May 1: LWPTSA Scholarship Applications Due
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