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Oct. 12, 2016 | Issue 4      
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12033 N.E. 80th St.
Kirkland, Washington 98033
12033 N.E. 80th St.
Kirkland, Washington 98033

~ Upcoming Events ~
TODAY! College Application Workshops
Wednesdays @ 12:40 pm (lunch included)
Thursdays @ ROO time

TODAY! Juniors PSAT Registration deadline

TONIGHT! Freshman & Sophomore Parent Summit
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 7 - 8: 30 pm

Homecoming Game
Friday, Oct. 14 @ 7 pm vs Interlake HS
Celebration of 2016 LW baseball champions @ 6:40 pm

Homecoming Dance
Saturday, Oct. 15 @ 9 pm (volunteers needed!)

High School & Beyond Day (PSAT and ASVAB tests)
Wednesday, Oct. 19 @ 8 am

Junior & Senior Parent Summit
Wednesday, Oct. 19, 7 - 8:30 pm

School Beautification Day
Saturday, Oct. 22, 9 am - noon

Sounders Family Fun Day
Sunday, Oct. 23 @ 1 pm

Photo Re-Takes
Wednesday, Oct. 26, 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Reflections Art Competition deadline
Tuesday, Nov. 1
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LWHS PTSA on Social Media
We are expanding our social media presence and invite you to follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.  Events and important announcements will be posted on both sites, helping you to stay informed and to participate.
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Parent Summits
9th & 10th grade parents tonight

New this year!  Come meet other parents in your students' grade level, learn about the unique events your student will encounter this year, and ask questions of other LWHS parents who have already "been there, done that". Join us from 7:00-8:30pm for an evening of information and connection! 

TONIGHT, October 12: parents of freshman and sophomore students are gathering; 
Next week, October 19: parents of junior and senior students will get together.  
Senior parents: information about special Senior activities (including Senior Party tickets) will be highlighted. 

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PTSA Membership: Drive for 5!

We've almost hit our goal of 500 members - thank you parents and staff members! However, we can always use more support for parents, teachers and students, so we invite you to join the LWHS PTSA. By becoming a member you demonstrate commitment to student enrichment and become part of the largest child advocacy organization in the state. In addition, you gain access to the online student/parent directory (password protected) and receive discounts to Wild Waves, FedEx Office, Great Wolf Lodge and more. Even if this is the only PTSA activity you participate in all year, it's greatly appreciated!

Join online or fill out this form and drop it off in the PTSA lockbox in the school office. Membership is $15 for an individual or $25 for two adults (a family membership).
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Pass the Pouch
Contributions and matching
Thanks to your generous contributions, our fundraising efforts are off to a great start! The LWHS PTSA has set its sights higher this year with a goal of $21,000; we have already raised $13,925 thanks to online donations and curriculum night Pass the Pouch contributions. We are two thirds of the way there, but we still have a way to go! PTSA-funded programs such as Emergency-prep, fall and spring teacher grants, ASB support, the student-in-need program and Scheeley Scholarships are only possible through your generous support.

Here is how you can invest in your student's learning experience:
  • If you haven't given to our annual Pass the Pouch fundraiser yet, please click here to donate. If you have given already, thank you!
  • Don't forget to check if your employer offers matching funding for charitable donations. See the example list of companies that have matching gift programs, such as Microsoft and Boeing. If you work for one of these employers and want to get the PTSA listed as a matching option, then contact us so we can make that happen. Last year matching funds made up $7,000 of our donations  - almost half of total PTP donations - so please check!
Contact Irene Neumann, VP of Ways and Means, with any questions or if you would like an opportunity to be involved. We are looking for a few chairs, in particular employees of Microsoft or Boeing, to assist with some quick fundraising efforts.  Thank you for all you do to support LWHS PTSA!!
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Now recruiting for Grant Review Committee
Help decide how funds are spent

The PTSA is proud to invest in an enriching and innovative learning environment by awarding thousands of dollars in grants to teachers and ASB clubs every school year.  Are you interested in being part of this process?  We are recruiting PTSA members to serve on our Grant Review Committee for the 2016-17 school year.  Committee members will review and evaluate grant applications two times per year (fall process will take place in the first half of November; spring process will take place in February).  Please contact Grant Committee chairperson  Kathy Royal for more information or to express your interest in participating.
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College Application Workshops have begun!
We offer essay editing, brainstorming or just a fresh pair of eyes for those who might want a second opinion on their essays, personal statements or college-specific supplements. The volunteers have been approved by the district, trained in essay assistance, and are bringing years of experience to this work...some as editors, others as professors and high school teachers and others from a variety of fields. 
Workshops are available every Wednesday after school and every tutorial (ROO) period on Thursdays in the College and Career Center through late January.  We encourage students to drop in as often as they like with the understanding that this is their work, but we will provide appropriate assistance. And, bonus...we feed them lunch on Wednesdays....and there's a bit of chocolate involved. (Bribes? Yes!)   Please contact Debbie Cossey  or Judy Shedd  if you have any questions.
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Support PTSA with Amazon smile

people_shopping_cart.jpg Amazon will donate a percentage of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchases to LWHS PTSA whenever you shop through this  LWHS Amazon Smile link. Be sure to bookmark this link so that LWHS PTSA receives your contribution. Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know.  Same products, same prices, same service but at the same time you can support our school and students.
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LWHS Beautification Day
October 22

Bring your gloves and garden tools, it's time for another LW Beautification Day!  On Saturday, October 22, 9 am-noon, all students, staff and parents are encouraged to come and help clean up the school grounds to make LW as beautiful as it can be. We'll be weeding, pruning, spreading mulch and planting spring bulbs. If you have them, please bring gloves, hand pruners, heavy rakes and shovels - we'll mark all tools to make sure they are returned. Come when you can, stay as long as you can. No need to sign up in advance!
For those with gardening experience, we could use your help to work with student leadership in guiding teams of less experienced volunteers. Or, if you would be willing to join the Beautification Team for long-term planning, your time and wisdom would be greatly appreciated! To assist in either or both of these areas, please contact our PTSA Beautification Chair, Tere Kaulfus.
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Calling All Creative Students
The Reflections Arts Competition is underway. Is your student considering the arts as a Career? Reflections offers creative experience. Does your student dabble in the arts as a hobby? Reflections is an outlet for creative expression. The theme is "What Is Your Story?" The categories are visual arts, music composition, photography, literature, film production or dance choreography. The entry forms and rules are on the PTSA website/Programs and LWHS website/For Students . Questions? Contact Reflections Chair Pam Hay .
The deadline for entries is Tuesday, November 1.
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Sounders Family Fun Day
October 23
Please plan to join family and friends for our Lake Washington PTSA Council Sounders Family Fun Day! Watch the Seattle Sounders take on Real Salt Lake on Sunday, October 23, 1:00 p.m. at Century Link Field. Tickets are $22 each ($30 value). A portion of each ticket purchase will go to fund important Council programs. You can purchase tickets at the "Buy Now" button in this Sounders online flyer.  Be sure to enter promotional code LWSD2016 to get the discount. DEADLINE for buying tickets is Friday, October 21. Questions? Contact

LWHS News & Activities
Parent help wanted for Homecoming Dance

glossy_balloons_background.jpg The Lake Washington Homecoming Dance is right around the corner on October 15 at 9 pm! Homecoming Dance is a fun and interactive night that is a part of the high school experience, and parent contributions are key to ensuring this dance runs smoothly. From donating decorations (the theme is Once Upon a Kangdom ) and snacks, to manning the Kangdom themed games, there will be a lot of ways to help!

To volunteer at the dance or to donate items, please sign up online. Contact Gabryelle Matz-Carter or Alexis Mirza for further information.
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School Staff Request Volunteers
Two events need your help

Photo re-take opportunity -- October 26 from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Students need to bring in their photos if they want to re-take them. We need 4 volunteers to  sign up! Questions: contact Hae Sue Park.

High School & Beyond Day: Next Wednesday, October 19, is a day full of different learning opportunities for our students.  Students will participate in a variety of activities that satisfy the state "High School & Beyond plan" graduation requirement.  Your help is needed to support the many activities that will be taking place on campus next week.  Volunteers are needed in the morning from 7:40-8:20 to distribute schedules to students for their varied days.  We are also requesting donations of individually-packaged snacks to energize students during their day.  Please sign up online to volunteer or to provide snacks.
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Orange You Against Bullying?
Unity Day is October 19

Students (and parents!) are encouraged to wear orange next Wednesday, October 19 to signal their desire to end bullying. Unity Day is a district-wide event. 
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C++ Programming Book Donations Requested
The LW librarian is seeking current C++ programming books as donations to the LW library. Students are interested in learning how to program and these books are very expensive. Donated books should be basic, current, student appropriate and in very good shape. Please contact Elizabeth Courage if you can donate.
Counseling Center
High School and Beyond Day on Oct. 19
PSAT and ASVAB tests administered
On Wednesday, October 19, sophomores and juniors will be testing while other grades continue their usual day. All sophomores and electing juniors will take the Practice Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), which is given once a year at LWHS.  This pre-college test measures critical reading, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills. It focuses on critical thinking skills that are important for college success. All sophomores are required to take the PSAT as practice; they do not need to register and there will not be a test fee for sophomores. 

LWHS counselors encourage college bound juniors to also take the PSAT; the registration deadline for LW juniors is today and the cost is $15. Juniors not registered for the PSAT will be taking the ASVAB/Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery during the same time period.  This is part of the junior requirement for their High School and Beyond graduation requirement.

There are several important benefits to taking the PSAT:
  • It introduces students to college entrance tests like the SAT and ACT and the detailed score report will help them focus on what they need to improve. 
  • It helps them begin their college search process.
  • If juniors perform exceptionally well on the test, it could mean scholarship and academic recognition.
Students will be reminded through homeroom and on the LWHS web page.  
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Counseling Center Nuts & Bolts
Students who wish to see their counselor should sign up on a clipboard in the Counseling Center. Students are assigned alphabetically by their last name.  Please check carefully since counselor assignments shifted a bit from last year.
  • Lori White: A --B
  • Cameron Miller: C --DOO
  • Toby Doyle: DOP --JEN        
  • Taylor Reuhl: JEO --MIK
  • Sara Ray: MIL -- SER
  • Marilyn Hargraves: SES -- Z
Allison Henry is our school psychologist, and she makes her home in the Counseling Center, too.  Mackenzie Shumake is our Counseling Secretary/Registrar and can be reached at 425-936-1702.  To update addresses or phone numbers, contact our Data Processor Angela Jalobeanu. BECCA Specialist Sandy Hearn is also in our office.   And, finally, we are pleased that Suzanne Peterson, our Youth Eastside Services Prevention Interventionist, is back with us this year.
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Services Available through the Counseling Center

One of the Counseling Center's main goals is to facilitate your student's high school years to make the experience as successful as possible. Students meet with their counselor by parent, teacher, administrator or self-referral. Your student's counselor is available to help on many different fronts.
  • Academic Counseling-Counselors meet with students during spring registration to help them select courses that meet graduation requirements and personal interests. We also help students struggling in academics with study habits and organizational skills, or stress and time management techniques. 
  • Personal Counseling-Counselors also work with students who are dealing with relationship issues, personal concerns, academic or behavioral difficulties, and normal developmental challenges.  Counseling is short term, skill based, and goal oriented, and can also provide support to students and their families facing emergency situations.  Upon request from parents, we provide referrals to other professional resources such as mental health professionals, social services, special school programs, or juvenile services.
  • Post High School Planning-Most students take advantage of the wealth of information that is available from the Counseling Center and the Career Center.  We offer college advising, testing, scholarship and financial aid information; support in their entire application process of applications, recommendations, personal statements and resumes. Together with the Career Center, we also have information on two-year community colleges, apprenticeship programs, vocational and specialty colleges as well as the military. 
Kang Sports
2016 Baseball Champions Celebration
October 14

The 2016 LWHS Baseball 3A State Champions will be honored in a ceremony before the October 14 Homecoming football game! The ceremony on the field will begin at 6:40 pm, so get there early for what promises to be a festive night! There will be a ring ceremony for the players and families inside the school earlier that evening.  Come celebrate with our team on their fantastic achievement!
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Homecoming game 
October 14, 7 pm

Calling all alumni: The LW Homecoming game is Friday, October 14. The Kangs take the field against Interlake at 7 pm at LWHS. 
The Lake Washington School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, gender, marital status, creed, religion, honorably discharged veteran, military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, or the use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability, in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. bottomofpage

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