June 1, 2021 | Issue #20
PTSA Membership Meeting Recap
At the May 19 General Membership Meeting, we approved next year’s budget and elected officers for 2021-2022. We also presented a brief summary of the year’s activities, honored award recipients, and gave a warm send-off to LWHS Principal Christina Thomas, who is retiring on June 30.
Our guest speakers, Dan Finnegan, Haley Moutier, and Cait Bartlett from Cadence Child and Adolescent Therapy, presented "Coping Strategies for Back to School Anxiety," which offered tips and tools families could use as they re-engage with friends and activities. Please visit our website to view slides from our meeting and a link to the video of the presentation. The video will be available to view until June 16.
Congratulations to the 2021-2022 LWHS PTSA board of directors:
  • President: Denise Ferguson
  • Executive VP/Communications: OPEN
  • Secretary: Cheryl Geels
  • Treasurer: Susan Dietz
  • VP, Family & Community Engagement: Beatrice Joe
  • VP, School Support: Meredith Schwietzer
  • VP, Student Programs: Stacy Mehlberg
  • VP, Ways & Means: OPEN
We would like to thank Beatrice Joe, Mindy Lincicome, and Alana Smith for stepping up to serve on this committee for the 2020-2021 school year. If you are interested in serving on our PTSA board or helping out in some other way next year, please email LWHS PTSA President Denise Campbell
And the Award Goes To...
Every year LWHS PTSA recognizes individuals for their dedicated service and commitment to our Kang community. This year we are pleased to announce the following award winners: 
  • Golden Kang/Outstanding Educator (teacher or staff member): Dawn Wyatt 
  • Outstanding Advocate (for all children): Brenna Mahoney 
  • Golden Acorn (outstanding volunteer): Pam Hay and Danelle Mathews 
  • Outstanding Student Advocate (significant contributions in leadership and service): Robin Ying 
Click here to find out more about how these individuals contributed to our Kang community.

A contribution to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program will be made in honor of each of these award recipients. We offer the award winners, along with all of the amazing volunteers and staff in our LWHS community, our heartfelt gratitude for their outstanding commitment, dedication and service. We truly appreciate you! 
LWHS PTSA Board of Directors 
LWPTSA Council Anti-Racism Statement
LWHS PTSA is an affiliate of LWPTSA Council, and as such, we would like to share with our readers the following anti-racism statement that was approved at LWPTSA Council’s April general membership meeting. LWHS PTSA looks forward to working with the LWHS racial equity team and our own membership next year to develop ways we can work together in support of racial equity in our own community.
LWPTSA Council Anti-Racism Statement
We have been called to action by the Washington State PTA’s resolution on dismantling institutional and systemic racism (2020) to take an anti-racist stance, and we do so with full support for the intended outcomes of the resolution. We fully embrace that PTA speaks with one voice for every child. We stand in solidarity with our families of Asian descent against the recent rising tide of anti-Asian racism and violence. We stand in solidarity with our Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) families and students against the rise in attacks, crimes, and rhetoric against BIPOC communities in our country. Lake Washington PTSA Council recognizes that it can either be a racist or anti-racist association – neutrality on this issue does not support our mission. Therefore, we will actively support anti-racist policies, programs, and practices to build strong and inclusive communities. We commit to taking a conscious and active role in dismantling systemic and institutional racism by raising awareness through education and advocacy, working with PTA leaders, and supporting our community so that all children feel safe and welcome.
Approved at LWPTSA Council’s April 2021 membership meeting
LWHS Campus Beautification
On Saturday May 8, LWHS ASB and PTSA volunteers spent the morning sprucing up the school grounds. Teams of students weeded, collected garbage and trimmed back shrubs. New plants were installed around the front marquee and in the planter outside the administration offices. Over fifty students and adult volunteers participated. Thanks to all who helped bring a bit more beauty to our campus!

Meredith Schwietzer
LWHS PTSA School Beautification Committee
LWSD Returns to Full In-Person Learning for 2021-22 School Year
Lake Washington School District is excited to announce that it will offer full in-person learning, five days per week in the 2021-22 school year. Each school will provide full time, in-person learning for all students. 

It is assumed all enrolled students will participate in the fully in-person model for 2021-22. If that is true for your family, no action is needed from you. 

If you have a potential need for an online learning option for next year, the State of Washington has allowed school districts to offer online learning for students who are unable to return in-person due to health and safety needs. Here are some details known about the online learning option for 2021-22:
  • Online learning will be for students who need it due to health and safety reasons.
  • If families select the online learning model, this selection will be for the entire 2021-22 school year.
  • Not all classes can be offered in an online learning model, due to staffing constraints.

In order to determine the best program model to offer, LWSD needs more information from families who are interested in participating. If you are interested in your student being part of an online learning option, please complete this survey by Thursday, June 3. This is an interest survey, not your final learning model selection.

Stay up-to-date with Lake Washington School District's return to in-person services and plans for the 2021-22 school year at lwsd.org/pathway-forward.
Textbook Return and Laptop Collection
The following dates have been set for students to return textbooks and laptops. Additional details are on the LWHS website.

  • June 7-8: Textbook and laptop roll in for Seniors. Please note that Seniors who have any fines or materials not returned will not have transcripts released.
  • June 14-16: Textbook and laptop roll in for Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors
AP Digital Exam Reminder from LWHS Counseling
Students taking one of the upcoming AP Digital Exams should review the complete digital testing guide on the College Board website. Previewing the exam features and the troubleshooting guide will help students feel more relaxed and confident going into their exam. 

Students should also open their AP App on exam day 30 minutes prior to their exam time. Check-in time is 8:30 am for AM exams, and 12:30 pm for PM exams. Checking in after the exam time has begun is not allowed. Students should set up their exam space prior to check-in with cords plugged in and supplies within reach.

Students should also check in with their AP teacher and review their class One Note or Teams page for guidance.

A calendar of AP test dates and times can be found on the LWHS Counseling website.

Marilyn Hargraves, LWHS Counselor
Class of 2022 Post-High School Planning Presentation
Juniors and their families! Senior year is coming up fast and it is time to start thinking about plans for after graduation. LWHS College and Career Specialist, Ms. Henderson, and Counselors Ms. LaMance and Ms. Cummings, have put together a Post-High School Planning presentation just for students and their families. You'll find information on all types of opportunities to prepare your student for senior year and life after high school, including apprenticeships, career schools, military, gap year, direct to work, college, and more. The presentation video and additional resources can be found on the brand new Juniors (Class of 2022) page on the LWHS Counseling Center website.

And if you missed the Live Wednesday Virtual College Events this year, you can find them on the LWSD website. These recorded presentations are a great resource for learning about careers and planning post high school.
Questions? Contact Charolett Henderson, LWHS College & Career Specialist
ASB Senior Day
June 8

We are excited to celebrate our Seniors! Please have your student sign up for each event listed below. 
Senior Day Itinerary:
  • 7:00 am: Senior Breakfast tailgate with free doughnuts and coffee. Sign up here
  • 1:00 pm: Free pizza lunch for Seniors (location and details TBD) 
  • 1:30 pm: Senior only Moving Up Assembly. Senior awards, honor cord distribution, student speaker, student performance, staff speaker, moving up ceremony and teacher tunnel. Sign up here
  • 7:30 pm: Senior Sunset on the baseball field. Yard games, music, FREE dessert food trucks, and photos. Have your Senior hang out with fellow Senior classmates one final time watching the sunset! Sign up here by TOMORROW, June 2
LWHS PTSA Senior Salute
June 8, Immediately following Senior Sunset
LWHS Stadium
Join us for the grand finale of LWHS 2021 Senior Day with a whole new take on Senior Salute! We’ll have a 40 foot screen set up on the football field to put on a show highlighting our 2021 seniors. Students should bring their favorite blanket or beach chair and will grab a spot on the 50 yard line (literally) to take in the photos, videos, music, messages from their favorite teachers and staff and fellow seniors. All hosted by Senior emcees who are guaranteed to entertain!

Parents and guardians will be allotted tickets to view the show from the stands based on available capacity. Students must reserve a spot to attend and will then request tickets for their guests. Seniors should use the same sign up as the Senior Sunset event above.

Health attestations, masks, and social distancing will be required for all attendees. In the event of rain or significant wind, the outdoor event will move into the gymnasium. However, parents/guardians may not be able to attend due to space limitations for indoor gatherings. We will post any last minute changes on the LWHS PTSA website.

Questions? Contact Jennifer Wilson, LWHS PTSA Senior Salute Chair
Graduation Preparation and Ceremony Details
Cap & Gown Pick Up
If your student missed the Cap & Gown drive through event they can pick up items at the Cashier Office (next to Attendance near the main office) Monday-Friday from 12:55-1:30 pm. If your student isn't able to stop by during that time, they can stop by the front office for assistance.
Honor Cords & Awards Distribution
Honor Cords and other awards will be available for pick up on June 8 during the Senior Moving Up Ceremony. If your student cannot attend the ceremony, they can pick up items at the Cashier Office after June 2 from 12:55-1:30 pm, Monday-Friday.

Graduation Ceremony
Graduation ceremony is June 9 at 3:00 pm in T-Mobile Park in Seattle. For guests who cannot attend in-person there will be an option to Livestream the event. The event will also be recorded and posted for later viewing. Information regarding ticket distribution, parking, and other logistics can be found on the LWHS Senior webpage.
LWHS PTSA Class of 2021 Senior Party
June 9, 9:30pm to 2:30am
Is your student one of the 185+ seniors who will be attending the Senior Grad Night Party? Please have your student check their email for further communications as we get closer to the date. You can also check our website for more information.

Schedule for the evening:
  • 8:45 pm Check in begins at LWHS (by main entrance)
  • 9:15 pm Load buses at LWHS
  • 9:30 pm Depart for party venue
  • 2:00 am Load buses for return to Kirkland
  • 2:30 am Students picked up at LWHS

Check in will be by bus color. Students need to know their bus assignment before they arrive.  
Did you miss the ticket sale window? If you want to find out if there are any available slots, contact Debi Blaskovich at seniorparty@lwhsptsa.org.
Senior Destination Day Video
LWHS Senior Destination Day is traditionally held on May 1. It’s a day where Seniors choose to wear logo apparel (college, military, apprenticeship, etc.) to share where they are headed in the fall and celebrate with classmates and staff.

Since not all students were able to be together this year, a Destination Day video was created where Seniors who chose to participate shared their destinations. Whether a Senior chose to participate or not, the video celebrates all Seniors and the many future directions of the Class of 2021. We hope you enjoy the celebration!

Charolett Henderson
LWHS College & Career Specialist
Community Forum - Teens, Mental Health and Safety
June 3 at 7:00 pm

Join Youth Eastside Services, Seattle Children's, Redmond Police, and Balance in Mind for the next free Community Forum on “What You Need to Know About Teens, Mental Health & Safety”. Parents and caregivers will learn about the importance of securing firearms, medications, substances, and how to talk with your family and other families about safety. 

Questions? Contact balanceinmind@lwsf.org
COVID-19 Vaccination Event for Special Needs Individuals
June 9 at LWSD Resource Center

The Alliance of People with disAbilities, in partnership with Public Health Seattle King County, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and Lake Washington School District, will host a vaccination clinic specifically designed for people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers. They are vaccinating people 12+ with the Pfizer vaccine (with parental consent required for minors).

This is a low sensory clinic with a number of sensory tools. In-person ASL interpretation is also available. Please indicate your accommodation needs with registering.

Questions? Contact kayla@disabilitypride.org
Balance in Mind Events for Parents and Teens
Upcoming events:
  • June 2 at 7:00 pm: Parent Chat: Understanding Queer Kids Today with Jen O'Ryan, PhD, experienced with gender identity and sexual orientation

​Missed the latest webinars? Click here to visit Balance in Mind's YouTube Channel.

Want additional information? Balance in Mind's Instagram @balance.in.mind is a destination for teens to gain inspiration, learn self-care tips, and more! 
Free Educational Resource from Youth Eastside Services
Join our no-cost Alcohol Drug Education Class held virtually each month. This is a great way for parents and students (12-19 years old) to gain information, education, healthy coping tools and skills. Learn about the dangers of substance abuse trends, effects of substances on the developing body and brain (including the dangers of mixing substances), how to get help and where to turn for help for both substance use and mental health issues.
Go to youtheastsideservices.org/adec to register for this FREE educational opportunity for parents and students to attend together. The next class is June 19. All classes are no-cost to families, on Saturdays, and run virtually from 9:30 am-12:30 pm. Thank you for spreading the word about this important resource!

Questions? Contact Andrea Frost, YES Specialist at LWHS, at 425-747-4937 x2721 or andreaf@youtheastsideservices.org.  
June 8: Senior Day and Senior Salute
June 9: Graduation, 3:00 pm T-Mobile Park
June 9: Senior Party, 9:30 pm
June 16: Last Day of School (Half Day)
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