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May 2020

President's Perspective

by Lisa Gilmer, MD, FAAP

My pediatrician calendar used to have four seasons. May to August is school and sports physical season with forms, lots of forms and relief doesn't come until the first day of school or the season opener. September is ragweed season when no amount of antihistamine is enough to stop the itching and sneezing and relief doesn't come until the first freeze. October to March marks the long cough, congestion and fever season thanks to influenza, RSV, mono and strep and relief doesn't come until ground thaws for good. April, the shortest season of all, is spring sneezing and wheezing season as trees and grass bloom and children long to play outside after a long winter. Repeat.

This year the calendar started the second week of March and every day since has been COVID-19 season. Time will tell how long this season will last. Time will tell how we remember months sheltering at home. Time will tell how long it takes to find a new normal. What we learn from today going forward we didn't learn from a medical school textbook, a residency lecture or a CME conference. What we learn requires wearing gowns, gloves and face masks. What we learn is evidence-based, at least for a day or two. In time, we will learn just how much the pandemic has fundamentally changed the lives of children, families and pediatricians not only in Kansas but across the globe.  Continue Reading

Executive Director Update

by Melissa Hudelson

Greetings from my home office...that I now share with my husband as he currently also works from home. Kansas Chapter staff has always worked out of our homes, so our administrative operations have not been impacted by the pandemic. We are still here for you! Like many other families, we now juggle homeschooling and washing every cup and fork we own daily with work, but KAAP has continued to be a voice for pediatricians and child health in Kansas during this time.  Continue Reading

Pediatric Payment Corner

by Jennifer Mellick, MD, FAAP

To say that there have been changes in our payments from insurance companies lately is a gross understatement. COVID19 has shook us up and rattled the status quo. In some ways for payment this has been a good thing. Telehealth and even telephone calls are now getting paid. Most I would daresay are even getting paid at parity to in office visits for telehealth provider visits. Payment for telephone advice is a bit more varied in payment, but to see any payment is a vast improvement. I would advise all providers who care for kids to bill for what you do. Right now many of the insurers are paying without cost sharing for the patient.  Continue Reading

KAAP Legislative Update

by Dena K. Hubbard MD, FAAP

Like most other things this spring, the 2020 Kansas Legislative Session has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Some legislative committees are meeting virtually or in-person leading up to the one-day wrap-up on May 21. Major issues to be addressed include COVID relief; Governor's Emergency Powers authority; distribution and oversight of federal COVID funds; medical/business liability protections; property tax issues; unemployment issues.  Continue Reading

Federal Advocacy During COVID-19

As we are all acutely aware, COVID19 is affecting children and families, including pediatricians and Children's hospitals. We need your voices to make sure children, pediatricians, pediatric clinics and children's hospitals do not get left out of the relief efforts (much of original legislation left out Medicaid, for example telehealth was paid for by Medicare but NOT Medicaid). There is so much unknown about this virus, and as we see the evolution in children with inflammatory syndrome, we have to ensure pediatrics get the resources they need. The disparities and inequities in healthcare are really being highlighted by COVID19. We have an obligation to be part of the change in healthcare! Continue Reading

Update on the Kansas 3D Nasopharyngeal Swab Print Project:
Expansion of COVID-19 Testing in Kansas

by Kristie Clark MD FAAP
John Fales DMD FAAP, a pediatric dentist in Olathe, and Dr. Kory Kierkegaard DMD, a general dentist in Overland Park, 3D printed approximately 25,000 nasopharyngeal swabs for the KDHE's lab in the last two weeks of April. Their efforts sustained and expanded Kansas's capacity to test for COVID-19.  Continue Reading

KPF Update

We are very excited to announce the grantee for the second round of our Kansas Kids Fund - Pediatricians in Action grant! Dr. Kari Harris will be using grant funds to work with school nurses to promote hand washing in Wichita. The community collaboration to promote this important message to children will make a big impact. We can't wait to hear more about her project over the next year.  Continue Reading

Please Save the Dates!

We are moving forward with plans for KAAP's Fall Progress in Pediatrics as a live event October 22 and 23 in Wichita this year! While we are cautiously optimistic about seeing everyone again, we will continue to monitor the situation and look into virtual options as well. Look for updates soon!

New Live Free CME Webinar!

Engaging Adolescents in Healthcare Decisions

June 9, 2020 
12 - 1 p.m.    

PIP Spring 2020 CME Webinar Recordings

KAAP is pleased to offer the recordings of CME presentations planned for our Progress in Pediatrics - Spring 2020 at no charge to our members. Complete the evaluation at the end of each presentation to receive CME credit.

New Preparticipation Physical Exam form

For the upcoming school year, the KSHSAA preparticipation physical exam form has been revised.  The previous version will be accepted this year, but the new form was created to provide additional perspective for student healthcare needs. The new PPE form is available on the KSHSAA web site at and the Spanish version is available via The form now includes a cover page with specific responsibilities for students/parents, healthcare providers, and school administrators.  
Interested in Serving on the Board?

KAAP is accepting applications for Board of Directors to serve a two year term. Complete the application (button below) and submit to Mel Hudelson at   by May 29th.

HPV Training Module

Shutting the Door on HPV Cancers  was developed for health provider audiences with the goal of increasing HPV immunization rates. The module can be used for training in clinics to get staff - nurses, physicians, the front office, everyone! - on the same page with HPV vaccine recommendations. Go through the module on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Click here

KIDS Network Virtual Crib Clinics

Do you know someone who needs safe sleep education and a safety-approved sleep environment for their newborn?  Much of safe sleep education has taken a back seat to the world crisis, but with stay-at-home orders the Kansas Infant Death and SIDS (KIDS) Network is concerned families may be more likely to practice unsafe infant sleep.  Additionally, adhering to physical distancing guidelines, the KIDS Network cancelled/postponed many Safe Sleep Community Baby Showers statewide.  

As we are keenly aware, those most adversely affected by COVID-19 and in greatest need tend to be hourly wage earners in entry level positions, seasonal workers, and those employed in the leisure/hospitality sectors. Many have lost jobs and have limited finances to buy the essentials for infant care. In response to this crisis, the Network shifted their educational efforts to Virtual Safe Sleep Crib Clinics.  

A Virtual Safe Sleep Crib Clinic is designed to target populations with disproportionately high rates of infant mortality by providing them with safe sleep tools and education based on the American Academy of Pediatrics Safe Sleep Recommendations. KIDS Network staff will provide safe sleep education via video conference and drop-ship a safety-approved crib after the education is delivered.

Refer families to KIDS Network Virtual Safe Sleep Crib Clinics via 316-682-1301/


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