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February 2020

By Lisa Gilmer, MD, FAAP

Hero.  A
person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Heroes are important. Heroes help children figure out what they might aspire to become. A child's first hero is typically a caregiver or a teacher. Heroes then shift to celebrities and athletes due in large part to the influence of social media. When asked to choose a famous person they look up to, one study showed that up to a third of children choose athletes.

The 30-40 million youths involved in organized sports every year are a large audience for athlete role models to influence. Athletes are seen as role models because of their physical abilities and mental toughness. The thrill of winning at professional or elite levels is motivating for even the most novice competitor. Athletes are also exciting to watch but they entertain from miles away. They aren't present to establish relationships or to interact with kids; factors the literature identify as important for true heroes to have.    Continue Reading

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR UPDATE                       
by Melissa Hudelson

It has been a busy month for KAAP with a lot going on legislatively and with partner collaborations. Thank you to everyone who submitted testimony in opposition to HB 2601, a bill that seeks to changed the way that daycare and school immunization requirements are decided. It would take power away from the experts at KDHE and put it into the hands of legislators.

We are also actively working on collaborations with partners throughout the state to provide education and support to pediatricians and other primary care providers. KAAP wants to support your practice in any way that we can, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me with questions or ideas for projects that would be beneficial to your work.

Don't forget to apply for the "Pediatricians in Action" grant from KAAP to work on a project in your community or practice that would improve child health.  (Find the application here).  The deadline is February 28th, and we will be awarding up to $5,000.


By Jennifer Mellick, MD, FAAP

If you didn't chart it, you didn't do it." I remember hearing this as a resident more than once. It is as true today as it was then. Basically, a note is the only way we have to communicate after the fact with other physicians, specialists, and ourselves over time. Writing it down helps to memorialize it. Well, with insurers "if you didn't BILL it, you didn't do it."

Billing is important in more than just physicians getting paid for what we do. This helps us show insurance companies what is important to kids and pediatricians. Even if it is a code that isn't paid, we should bill for it so we can track it. As the Pediatric Council has furthered our conversations with insurance companies, we have heard that the reason they don't always pay for a code is because not everyone does that procedure so it must not be important. A couple examples of this are Edinburg depression screens, vision testing for some insurers, developmental and depression screening just to mention a few. It gets even more complex as we get into the new codes coming out surround Telehealth and Telephone care.    Continue Reading


by Dena K. Hubbard MD, FAAP

It's been an exciting month of session in 2020 Kansas legislature! There is much work still to be done. We are almost half-way through session (February 27th), so most bills must pass out of their chamber of origin by this time in order to stay alive. KAAP has been actively engaged with KDHE, Immunize Kansas Coalition (IKC), KAFP, American Cancer Society (ACS) to join forces on health issues.   Continue Reading


Thank you to the generous supporters who contributed to the Kansas Pediatric Foundation's Year End Appeal. We met our full matching gift and even surpassed the goal of $25,000! Your contributions will continue to grow the Kansas Kids Fund and the Literacy Endowment so we can keep working to improve child health in Kansas.    Continue Reading


Don't miss Progress in Pediatrics Spring CME meeting in Overland Park on April 24th! Register now for this fun and educational event.  Click here for details and online registration.


February 28th is the deadline to apply for the 2020  Pediatricians in Action  Kansas Kids Fund grant. This grant of up to $5,000 is available to KAAP members to address a child health initiative in their practice or community. Click here for the RFP and application.  


The KSKidsMAP Consultation Line is now available to physicians in Kansas! This consultation line forms part of the KSKidsMAP Pediatric Mental Health Program for primary care physicians in Kansas. KSKidsMAP supports physicians and clinicians in the early identification, diagnosis, treatment and referrals for children and adolescents with mental and behavioral health conditions; provides recommendations based on best practices; and assists in identifying treatment services for children and adolescents with more complex behavioral health concerns who may require referrals to specialists.    Continue Reading


The Immunize Kansas Coalition ( IKC)  Preventing Flu training module  was developed for health provider audiences  with the goal of increasing flu immunization rates. Use this flu module for training in your clinic and get all  of your staff-nurses, physicians, pharmacists, medical assistants, the front office, everyone!-on the same page with flu vaccine recommendations.

Learn about the burden of influenza disease, explore Kansas current immunization rates, and dive into recommended methods for increasing immunization rates in your office. You'll also practice giving patients succinct and accurate answers to some common flu vaccine questions.

CHILD VEHICLE SAFETY RESOURCES AVAILABLE (KAC) is a national nonprofit working to save children's lives in and around vehicles. KAC makes available free materials and encourages physicians to share these life-saving resources directly with families, via patient portals, in waiting & exam rooms, etc. Continue Reading


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