Volume 14 | July 9, 2018
Kansas Announces CattleTrace Pilot Project
for Disease Traceability
On June 30th, CattleTrace, a collaborative partnership between the Kansas Department of Agriculture, the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University, the Kansas Livestock Association, and other organizations and producer stakeholders was announced at Barton County Feeders near Ellinwood, Kansas.
CattleTrace, the industry-driven Kansas pilot project for animal disease traceability, was organized to evaluate the opportunities for an ADT system and to create and execute a pilot program to test methodology for tracking individual animals through multiple locations and points of commerce in the beef supply chain. .
WLIC Sells WI-Origin Tags
WLIC is selling Wisconsin-branded tags, as well as readers and taggers on our website in the online store!

The WLIC online store gives producers several options for purchasing the WI-Origin™ tags, including choice of style, color and price. Other preferences include a selection of both RFID (radio frequency identification), or non-RFID tags.

WLIC is competitively priced and all proceeds will be used to fund our programs and services. In addition, Allflex, USA, provides WLIC with a 10-cent rebate for every Wisconsin-branded tag sold.
Meet Our Members
Established in 2013, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative was created out of a deep dairy heritage that always put members first.

Today, that farmer focus remains. Whether it's verifying test results, offering leadership opportunities or keeping members up-to-date on legislative issues, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative works hard to provide quality service, fair representation and timely information for its members. They're member-owned. Member-driven. Member-focused. Because at the end of a long, hard day, what matters most are the people that are standing by you, and your farm.

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