January 2013
Welcome to Kansas City Healing Community


The Lord is fine tuning what we are doing here at KCHC. He is emphasizing the power and importance of simply encountering Him. He is reminding us that the inner healing we all seek is the natural result of communing with him. It seems he is saying that He wants us to be an "encountering God" community, with an emphases on inner healing. Wow!
What do you think? 
Sooo! We need the Lord to lead us, in how to put together what He want us to do. Let's be asking  Him about direction in changing the emphases of our efforts. How do we do that Lord? Lead Lord.
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1.Josh Neustrom:

He has two golf ball size lumps in his lungs and is having surgery on one of them on Tuesday, Feb. 4th. He has also lost the ability to control the movement of one of his eyes. He also has a rare skin disease.

2. Virgina:

She has a very serious ear infection that she needs the Lords help with. She is the main person helping right now in the new "writers department" that we are developing within KCHC.

3. David Lamb:

David has TMJ. This has caused him tremendous pain. Head aches. His speech is very limited. IF he talks very long, this conditions starts reacting. Please pray for his deliverance.   

Community News

We are looking for a old/ used computer for Charlotte Welman. She needs it to communicate with the rest of us and receive our email newsletter and training invitations. If you are buying a new one and want a good home for your old computer, Charlotte would love to have it no matter it's age. We are looking for a computer that would be given as a donation and we can give you a tax receipt for it. Charlotte is feeling ready to get back into the swing of things, but cannot drive due to her lack of vision. She could really use a friend or two right now to take her to a potluck once in a while, or even a Holy Fascination Class.  
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Help Needed
We are looking for those who may be willing to volunteer in our video department. We have recorded several of our recent trainings. The trainings were somewhat long and were recorded in segments. Due to this, they are broken up into multiple videos. We need help condensing them into one video per training & possibly uploading them to our web site.

Juin Peng ( Spencer Peng's wife) Has had twins. Jacklin & Asher Peng. 10 weeks premature. Juin is healing up from surgery. YAAAA!!!!! 

What do you think about us having a seminar of finding Christ in the Jewish Festivals?

Spring Class Schedule:


Basic Sozo Intensive
Day & Time:      Fri:  6:30pm - 8:30pm 
                        Sat: 9:00am - 5:00pm 
Date:     February 7th & 8th
Place:    KCHC Offices    

Address: 4802 E. Red Bridge Rd. Kansas City, MO 64137

Contact: Megan Handy - 
Cost: $50   
Advanced Sozo: 
  contact Tammy Craft: tamcraft509@gmail.com 




Advanced inner healing Principles:     

Time:       6:30pm - 9:00pm

Day:        Tuesday  

Date:       Feb. 11th 

Length:    12 wks. 

Place:      Lovera Curtis' House

Address:   11417 Jackson Ave.

                K.C. Mo. 64137           
Contact:  Steve Bartlett 816-509-2890   


Cost:      No Charge.
              Donation appreciated 


Holy Fascination:  

Time:        6:30pm - 8:30pm  

Day:          Wednesdays

Date:         Feb. 5th 

Length:      Teaching 6 to 8 weeks

                 Class: continual 

Place:        Marvin & Carmen Smith  

Address:   12905 Palmer Ave, Grandview, MO 64030 
Contact:    Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890, gopraybart@gmail.com
Cost:         No Charge




Time:    6:30pm - 9:00pm            

Day:     Tuesdays

Date:    Feb 4th 

Length: 12 wks. 

Place: Tom & Cynthia Peterson's

Address: 12724 Bristol Ave. Grandview, MO.  64030                                             

Cost:     1st  sem class- $50 class, $25 book   

             2nd sem class- $35       

Contact: Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890, gopraybart@gmail.com     



Scholarships are a possibility for classes. 
Contact Steve Bartlett, steve@kansascityhealing.com  
Lord build an Isaiah 61 community in our midst. Raise up mothers and fathers. Heal and deliver the broken hearted. Restore your children and take them into their destinies.


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