Aug 20 2021
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Kansas Electric Rates Are Too High – Sign a Petition to Help Stop the Continued Increase in Electric Rates in Kansas

As most Kansans know, our electric bills keep getting higher and the prospect of our utilities reducing them seems unlikely. KIOGA and other groups and individuals are requesting Kansas House and Senate Legislators to place a temporary moratorium on electric rate increases of any kind by our electric providers until the legislators devise ways to lower rates that are more competitive with our peer states. We make this request because:

1.          A recent study of electric rates in Kansas commissioned by the Kansas Legislature determined that electric rates in the state had increased by 34% over the last decade and were higher than the regional and national averages. Rates in the Evergy area were up over 70% and most coops had either increased or had higher rates to begin with.

2.          The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that Kansas had the 6th largest increase in electric rates out of all 50 states over a similar timeframe and Kansas went from 34th highest to 16th highest in the nation.

3.          Kansans are paying nearly $1 billion more per year for electricity than we were 10 years ago -- money that is no longer in circulation in the Kansas economy. To make matters worse, Kansas consumers will pay over $500,000,000 more due to the rolling blackouts in the polar vortex of February 2021.

4.          High electric rates in Kansas hurt economic development making it difficult to attract new business and harder for certain businesses to survive.

5.          High electric rates are hard on many families, especially our senior citizens with fixed incomes and those earning minimum or average wages.

6.          Kansas utilities have way more generating assets than they need, yet more projects are being commissioned in Kansas.

7.          Kansans want to do what is right but we don’t want to pay for what we don’t need. It's time for our Legislators to step in and make Kansas electric rates competitive again.

Please consider signing the petition today. Please ask your friends, family, and co-workers to sign the petition as well. You can find and sign the petition HERE.