EMP Shield is an innovative company based out of Burlington, KS, headed by Tim Carty and Pete Keegan. Through the help of the Kansas SBDC, the company has earned many industry successes. Carty came up with a way to improve a surge protector that prevents irreparable damage from High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse surges.

After reaching out to the Kansas SBDC at Emporia State and talking with advisors, the two pitched their idea at the 2018 Encountering Innovation conference. They also saw the opportunity to pitch EMP Shield to Department of Defense scouts. Through the help of the Kansas SBDC, the duo prepared the paperwork for the application and received coaching for the presentation at the conference.

A notable result through their work with the Kansas SBDC was EMP Shield saw an expanded client base and the company has also started to export the surge protector. Tim Carty and Pete Keegan credit the success of the business to the advisors at the Emporia SBDC, as well as to their hardworking team. They advise meeting with local SBDC representatives, and to key in on suggestions the advisors make, as well as keeping the advisors current on any successes and failures.

Carty notes that the Kansas SBDC advisors always go out of their way to problem-solve and brainstorm solutions.

"They have always made time to listen and offer advice, or gather information so that they can research the issue," Carty said. "Then they have always come back with answers, suggestions, or resources suggestions with which we could follow up."