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Credit Score 101

So What Score is Needed For a Loan?

varied lenders have varied views on what constitutes a respectable credit score. While some desire flawless credit, others may accept lesser scores if sufficient funds and/or collateral are given. For certain lenders, it all depends on what the loan is for. If the bank has a lot of expertise with a particular Business Industry, they can be a little more lenient with the credit score requirements for that Industry than they would be with a different Industry. It's helpful to know that you can ask more than one bank. 

As a General Rule of Thumb

  • 700+ and a good business plan : you are usually going to be lendable
  • 680-700: typically still good with strong business plan & financials
  • 650-680: sometimes depending upon market conditions, not as guaranteed even with good plan & financials
  • 600-650 : sometimes local gap financing groups will work with you by providing some financing & taking a Secondary position on the Lien so a traditional lender might get on board. SBA will go as low as 620, but the issue is finding a participating SBA eligible lender willing to go that low. Your Local Kansas SBDC Advisor will know your options.
  • Below 600: no one is going to lend to you until you repair your credit.

What's the best way to Repair/Improve your Credit Score?

One of the best suggestions to help repair your credit is to look at your credit report & look for the bigger dingers to your score like " uncollected write-offs" - we have seen people denied loans go back and offer to pay 25-50 cents on the $1 for $100 old cell phone bills to the companies to remove the item from their credit report. When the company agrees and removes the item, we have seen scores improve 30-50 points in 30 days. Aside from that, there isn't much we can help you with until your credit score improves to a lendable range of 600-650+. While a bank will run your credit through there preferred Credit Rating Agency during Loan Review, www.CreditKarma.com can allow your a Free way to get a ballpark score.

Visit our site at BECOME A CLIENT for more information.

Upcoming Virtual & In-Person Events

Virtual Events (Free Unless Noted)

  • July 11, $24 - Fundamentals of Business
  • July 13, 2:00 PM - Business Plans 101
  • July 19, 8:30 AM - Marketing Meetup
  • July 20, 2:00 PM - Employee Retention Credit Program

In-Person (Free Unless Noted)

  • July 11, 10:00 AM, (JCCC), $24 - Mapping Your Pathway to Success
  • July 12, 5:30 PM (WU) - How to Start a Business
  • July 18, 1:30 PM (JCCC), $30 - Trademark & Copyright Basics
  • July 19, 1:00 PM (JCCC), $45 - IRS Small Business Tax Workshop
  • July 27, 9:00 AM (JCCC), $20 - Kansas Retail Sales and Compensating Use Tax
  • July 27, 1:30 PM (JCCC), $15 - Kansas Sales and Compensating Use Tax for Construction Contractors

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