In 2016 at the age of 10, Lauren Seachris, along with her parents, Ryan and Amy, established Lauren’s Treat, a healthy dog biscuit business created with the goal in mind to raise funds for her home building projects. Lauren set a goal to raise funds to build five homes in Nicaragua, and she was determined to put in the work to obtain her goal, as her business popularity and demands grew.

Knowing that she would have to create new product lines to not only keep up with demand for her biscuits but to keep her clientele coming back for more, Lauren and her parents reached out to the Kansas SBDC for marketing assistance. At the Kansas SBDC Outreach Office in Dodge City, Lauren and Amy worked with Maria Dennison on promotional ideas, accounting efficiencies, cost of goods, and profitability.

Through conversation, inspiration, and shared love for a servant’s heart, Lauren was able to give new life to her business and continue her dream of building homes for those in need. With the help of the KSBDC, Lauren’s Treat was able to increase sales resulting in more homes being built. By December of 2019, Lauren exceeded her goal and built eight homes for families in Nicaragua. She also added new products that included chew toys, bow ties, paw balm, pet beds, pillows, catnip toys, and vintage suitcase beds.

The entrepreneurial spirit that exists at Lauren’s Treat, is not only a gift to her many loyal customers, but it is an inspiration and a lifeline to the many people that she so graciously serves through her missions. When asked what advice she would give to a new business, Lauren replied, “If you have a dream, go after it. I am currently 14 years old and have been working in this business for 4 years. It started extremely small but has grown to so much more! Find your passion. Discover what sets you apart and makes you unique from others. Sometimes you try things that work and sometimes they don’t, but you just keep going and keep brainstorming new ideas.