Volume I |August 10, 2017
Stop by our booth at the upcoming
KIOGA Annual Convention!
We are excited to share with you what we are doing to promote the quality of life created by the oil and gas industry! We are currently modifying our educational programming, producing a publicity campaign that will air on TV stations and social media in the Northeast corner of the state, distributing articles and making presentations across the state, and we helped host 3 summer camps! We have much to share about how we are "Shining a light on the good you do!"
Why you should stop by our booth:

  1. FREE flashlight for the first 200 people
  2. A drawing for a box of Padron Cigars signed by Four Star General Tommy Franks who led the invasions into Iraq and Afghanistan (a $571 value) that will be perfect for Nick's Night in Havana!
  3. Video kiosks displaying ads and 12 videos we've produced since January
  4. Meet our new staff 
  5. Hear our plan to educate students and the public on the vital role the oil and gas industry plays in our state and world
  6. Share your ideas on how we can better promote you

We look forward to seeing you!

Have you seen our new video series:

Life without Oil & Natural Gas is life without Beer!

We Have a New Website
Kansas Strong recently launched our new website. We are still updating and adding content, but we invite you to check it out, give us your feedback and share it with some friends. Also while you are there, be sure to connect with us on social media. You can also use the links at the bottom of this email to connect
Summer Camps
Kansas Strong joined with the Kansas Oil Museum in El Dorado to facilitate 2 summer camps and sponsored students to attend camp at the Kansas Oil & Gas Museum in Great Bend. Camps are a great way to educate students about the oil & gas industry. We will continue looking for ways to reach more students through these types of venues. You can see more pictures on our Facebook page:

Kansas Strong Facebook
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