On July 27, 4 trainers from Youth on Board (YOB) spent the day in Topeka Kansas with close to 50 stakeholders --  from student activists and organizers and youth workers to non-profit leaders and government officials-- from the city of Topeka and Shawnee County, Kansas

Among those in attendance were Mayor of Topeka Michelle Della Isla, Shawnee County commissioner Kevin Cook, youth activists from the Topeka Youth Project and several high schools including Highland Parks and Shawnee Heights.

Training participants were excited to learn from us about the dynamics and beliefs that keep young people from decision-making and how to spark and foster successful youth-adult relationships, and were particularly inspired by Boston's model of youth voice and engagement through the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC).

Read the press coverage in The Topeka Capital-Journal here!

We were thrilled to be part of this exciting movement in Kansas - reach out if you have any questions.

YOB Team!