Kapitol Dome
April 2022
President's Message

Please join me in congratulating our new Board for the upcoming 2022/2023 program year. LaTashia Satterfield will serve as our new Chapter President and I wish her much success in leading the chapter.

Each Board member and their position is listed in this newsletter. Feel free to use the chapter directory and contact any of us with suggestions or questions you may have. I also want to thank the past Board for their efforts in organizing webinars and providing opportunities for our members to develop professionally.

We thank everyone who attended our March webinar, Social Compliance: Planning and Auditing. We had about 30 participants learn about the emerging opportunity in social compliance planning and auditing. We also want to thank all those who attended our webinar, Three Lines of Defense: New Model, COSO and Applications. Over 60 participants joined us during the session..
Speaking of no cost or very affordable NASBA CPE opportunities, don't forget to visit the new technology and analytics center  to explore course offerings and especially the very popular IMA Data Analytics & Visualization Fundamentals Certificate. Once you register for the certificate, you have one year to complete the 9 credits of CPE and earn the credential. IMA Global also provides no cost ethics courses for members. Use this link https://www.imanet.org/membership/benefits?ssopc=1 to learn more about the many benefits of IMA membership and please share the link with others.
Continue encouraging students to join our enthusiastic community. Explain how IMA membership enhances your resume and helps you build a great networking platform. Members can use the information found at https://www.imanet.org/students/student-membership?ssopc=1 to urge students to join.

I have enjoyed each of my terms serving as your Chapter President and I wish each of you all the best as we close another rewarding program year!

Kathleen Sobieralski

IMA Nation's Capital Chapter
Chapter Board 2022 - 2023
President - LaTashia Satterfield
Past President - Kathleen Sobieralski
Vice President of Administration - Amy Blechinger
Vice President of Communication/Webmaster/Kapitol Dome Editor - Ross Simms
   Assistant VP Communications - Pat Martin
Vice President of Professional Education/CMA Program - Anya Cross
Vice President of Membership - Loretta Baryeh
   Assistant VP Membership - Kellie Francis
Vice President of Academic Outreach - Brandon Schweitzer
Treasurer - Darius Hinton
Secretary - Milly Ikundi
P&C Council Delegates/Directors at Large - Kathleen Sobieralski & Erv Basdon
Welcome New Members!
Members Joining in February 2022
Aboubacar Bah
Monica Chicas Palacios
Gabriela Enache-Sandoz
Marcus Glasgow
Ms. Bronique Jones
Katelyn Kennedy
Ms. Everita Safra
Bon Carlo Salilid
Sabrina Sanner
Jayson Paul Singer
Kanella C. K. Thomas
Anneliese Unverzagt
Members Joining in March 2022
Omolola Adeddayo
Kacey Fillmann
Nathaniel Paul Gemmato
Kylie Koppen
Michael James Langdon
Kirk Lawson
Roberta Alexandra McKenna
Crystal Michelle Myers
Aristide Bitteng Ndjibbo
Marc Andre Noel
James Edward Tyler, Jr.
Jason Williams
Members Celebrating Anniversaries!
February 2022

Mr. Eric P. Milhous, 25 years
Conrad J. Wegnerowicz, 50 years
March 2022

Gregory J. Ahart, 50 years
Mark J. Borchardt, 25 years
Ronald A. Davies, 25 years
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