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December 2020
President's Message
As 2020 closes and 2021 arrives thank you for your support! Ideas and realities beyond our imagination shaped our lives! We hope you and your family are doing okay in these challenging times. We miss seeing each of you but know you are safe at home! Wear a mask! Encourage others to social distance as we create our better tomorrows!

4.0 has many definitions. Consider the SF Finance article, The Path to Industry 4.0 Implementation. Scroll down page to view the graphics. Supply chain management affects everyone! IMA membership brings information such as this to you with many no cost CPE opportunities throughout the year! As an IMA member, you have an annual Token for 2 Free Ethics CPE! NASBA approved! Visit https://www.imanet.org/membership/benefits and click redeem token! Scroll down the page for additional no cost CPE. Tell others! IMA membership has its benefits!

Preview: in 2021 a new IMA Ethics course debuts: Ethics in the Digital Age. Watch for this!

A big thank you for all who participated in our recent Wednesday evening webinars. Please visit our web site https://ncc.imanet.org/home with news on future no cost webinars and events! 
Welcome to Baltimore, new members, and our expanding academic community of students and professors! Our chapter serves the Baltimore / Washington DC region.
As an IMA member encourage others to join IMA. Many of the IMA Global events include no cost NASBA CPE credit!  Use this link: https://www.imanet.org/membership?ssopc=1  We thank each of you for your support of our chapter! The IMA Global provides recognition to our chapter as members participate in their events. Please share your thoughts with us on the web site here in discussions and by emailing me, your Chapter President.

In our Holiday Season and every day, please take care and serve as the example for safety and good judgment, social distancing and wearing a mask. And, of course, be IMA focused!

Best wishes today and every day!

Kathleen Sobieralski

IMA Nation's Capital Chapter
2020-2021 Board of Directors
Kathleen Sobieralski, President
Derek Fuzzell, Past President
Amy Blechinger, Vice President of Administration
LaTashia Satterfield, Assistant VP Administration
Pat Martin, Vice President of Communication/Webmaster
Ross Simms, Assistant VP of Communications/Newsletter Editor
Domenic Savini, Vice President Professional Education/CMA Program
Anya Verbolova, Assistant VP CMA Program
Latanya Eggleston, Vice President of Membership
Kellie Francis, Assistant VP Membership
Brandon Schweitzer, Vice President Academic Outreach
Loretta Baryeh, Assistant VP Academic Outreach
Darius Hinton, Treasurer
Milly Ikundi, Secretary
Erv Basdon, Director at Large
Derek Fuzzell, Director at Large
Happy Anniversary!
Members Celebrating Anniversaries!
50 Years

Thomas R. Cornelius

Stanley J. Curran

25 Years

Christopher E. Chaconas, CMA, CFM

Welcome New Members!
October New Members

Vanessa Adu Ampomah
Raymond Armstead, Jr.
Kwasi Baryeh
Tysheek Battle
Bobbi Brabham
Kwadwo Brobbey
Adonica Brown
Kayla Bryant
Nathan Bryant
Jalen Camp
Dewayne Carruth
David Andrew Deangelis
Zoya Fakhri
Chengqi Feng
Savena Fuller
Abraham Terrero Garcia
Austin Gilbert
Aujhile Hillard
Bruce Hilton
Anh Tuan Hoang
Jemimah Joe
Bria Johnson
Terssa Kassahun
Kylie Kershner
Dainah Kilburn
Bridget Kline
Ivanna Kovalchuk
Sunyoung Lee
Kayla Macklin
Tiffany Major
Marcus McCoy
Shontise McKinney
Jazzleen McRae
Cherise Montague
Angela Musyoki
Hannah Myers
Cody Neder
Emily Osbourne
Florian Otokore
Jessica Outlaw
Majors Philippe
Havyn Rhodes
Shontavia Riggins
Emily Rogers
Elizabeth Rosell
Emily Routzahn
Jada Roy
Andrew Sammonds
Tahoulay Sanon
Amir Simpson
Dayna Spence
Mason Steeley
Novae Sylva
Tih Koon Tan
Christine Tara
Kyra Thomas
Kemara Usherwood
Kayla Weller
Tyree Williams
Alysia Williamson
Imani Wilson
Antinita Windham
Alliah Wright
November New Members

Jefferson Adam
Faith Ajiboye
Dr. Kate A. Lasso
Le'Kensha Allen
Gloria Awojobi
Adebisi Awolesi
Maurice Beecham
Joshua Bovell
Krystle Rose Bransky
Kaylah Brown
Robert Brown
Anyia Clement-Dick
Deidre Doughlin
Lynn Durrant
Daniel Joseph Fontana
Epiphany Green
Ena Grice
Anjali Gulati
Deborah Hamilton
George Hargrove
Sharif Harris Legree
Nicole Nesbitt
Ebonoluwa Oni
Sh'Ton Pickering
Deja Stewart
Ningcheng Weng
Susan Wood
Congratulations New CMAs and CSCA

New CMAs!

Ramon Bland, CMA
Joshua Nicholas Pronk, CMA


Mr. John R. Heberlein, CMA, CFM, CSCA

Our Fall 2020 Training Season Has Begun!
Leigha Kiger headshot

Ethical Communications Part 2:

Plain English Writing
During our November 4, 2020 webinar, we continued our focus on Ethical Communications and Leigha Kiger, Technical Editor and Expert in Digital Communications, discussed the merits of Plain English Writing in the digital age. Leigha provided guidance on how to:

  • Incorporate clear and concise English into your documents,
  • Improve your telework strategies,
  • Improve internal and external communications,
  • Identify some Dos and Don'ts and,
  • Succeed at communication.

Ethical Communications Part 3:

Accurate and Tailored Communication

December 16, 2020
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
In Part 1 of our series, Tom Dean's lead off message was that "truth can't be relative" and last month in Part 2, Leigha Kiger took us on a grand tour of using Plain English writing techniques when communicating with your audience. Now in Part 3 of this season's training which focuses on "Ethical Communications", Ms. Lauren Laurie discusses Accurate and Tailored Communication.

What is ethical communication and why is it important? Does it even exist in our digitized world where instant communication is often valued more for its speed and response time than its content or sentiment? How can you trust what you are hearing and are you in fact, an honest communicator or do you just hear and say those things that correspond to your biases?

These are tough questions to answer if you're going to be truthful with yourself but don't worry, we've identified an outstanding slate of 6 speakers this year who just don't talk the talk, they walk the talk. They come from different disciplines and backgrounds and will share with you their insights on ethical communication. We'll be covering such diverse topics as communicating in plain English; advocating for resources and budget increases; how story-telling can be used to address sensitive or taboo topics; building emotional connections with people; and sticking to the facts so as not to mislead.

We plan on concluding our 6 speaker series with an open panel discussion where you will be invited to ask questions of these expert practitioners, but a warning is in order. If you keep an open mind and are honest with yourself, you will probably realize that some, or maybe much of what you've been hearing or saying doesn't fall into what would be considered ethical.

Now, with that warning out of the way, please come join us and let's welcome Lauren as she continues to open our eyes, ears, mind and heart concerning ethical communication.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Realize when your communication is not being received
  • Improve breaking down complex topics into understandable language
  • Understand your audience
  • Encourage action without exaggerating a crisis
  • Succeed at communication.

Register today!
Other Learning Opportunities
Cybersecurity Image

Cybersecurity Compliance with Global Regulations
Free member benefit!

Doing business internationally introduces new global cybersecurity challenges for companies every day. Management accountants must familiarize themselves with evolving global compliance requirements and the potential harsh penalties that accompany non-compliance.

IMA’s new video-based e-learning course explores essential knowledge regarding prominent international cybersecurity regulations in the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Canada, Mexico, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, and provides additional insight into cross-border transfer mechanisms in place for EU-US, Swiss-US, and APEC. Competency Domains supported include:

  • Technology & Analytics
  • Reporting & Control

(Login to see free/reduced pricing.)

COSO Enterprise Risk Management: Essential to Organizational Success
Overview of the COSO Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework and pre-recorded webinar (Jeff Thomson, CMA, CSCA, CAE, IMA president and CEO, and Steve McNally, CMA, CPA, chair-elect of the IMA Global Board of Directors) on how it aligns to strategy, performance, and organizational success.

This e-learning course offers 2 NASBA CPE credits. Competency domains supported: Strategy, Planning & Performance; and Reporting & Control.

Free to members. (Login to see free/reduced pricing.)

Time Management

Identify time wasters and develop strategies for reducing them so you can work smarter rather than harder and accomplish what you want.

Earn 1 NASBA CPE credit. Free to members.

(Login to see free/reduced pricing.)

Other Learning Resources
Visit the IMA Education Center to explore the full selection of learning resources, including other popular subscription packages. Login to see free/reduced pricing.
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