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June 2020
Working remotely has been the order of the day even as the Washington area begins to open its doors and reignite those economic engines. While remote work has its benefits, like no more long commutes, crouched behind a steering wheel, challenges for workers and managers are rearing their ugly heads. As perseverance is one of IMA's themes, this issue of the Kapitol Dome will provide some tips for navigating the virtual landscape.
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Navigating the Virtual Landscape
Prior to COVID-19 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that half of workers in business operations worked from home. That percentage has likely increased considerably now, and the trend may continue.

In this environment, the lines between work and personal life seem to blur and we can feel isolated physically. One approach to help us in these times is to take time during the day to recharge. Spend a few moments reflecting on what is important in life and put things in their proper place.

For managers, concerns about productivity, maintaining the organizational culture, and team cohesiveness arise. The linear processes we followed may no longer apply in this environment so our teams may need to become agile. Managers may need to permit flexibility on work hours because workers' circumstances at home are different from the work place environment.

These are just a few things to consider for the virtual landscape and here are some additional resources.
Working from Home Pointers

In a recent Strategic Finance article, Michael Castelluccio suggested

  • Try to keep regular hours
  • Schedule a normal day
  • Have a dedicated workspace
  • Set routines
  • Maintain borders
  • Communicate often
  • Get outside—often

For details see

Preparing for the Future

Leaders will need to recognize the changes that the widespread move to a virtual workforce has brought about and the pressures facing their teams. Some pressures may last into the foreseeable future. Here's some steps leaders can take and be prepared

  1. Triage to identify critical issues - are the team's objectives or work no longer relevant or at odds with reality
  2. Stabilize by addressing critical issues identified in the Triage phase
  3. Long-Term Care - maintain the health of the team and avoid relapses into problem areas

by Mark Mortensen and Constance Noonan Hadley, Harvard Business Review,
May 22, 2020
Remember: Stay Active
  • Schedule Your Exercise
  • Get Up Every Hour
  • Sneak in Extra Movement
  • Go Digital - Exercise Apps
  • Use what You Have

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