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March 2019

It's time to celebrate! The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is celebrating its 100th Anniversary this summer at the Annual Conference & Expo in San Diego and you can be a part of it! Early-Bird Registration closes on March 29th, so don't delay in booking your spot!

Want to attend and help fund student outreach? The Potomac & Chesapeake Council , the governing body over the Nation's Capital Chapter and local chapters in Maryland & Virginia, has a Silent Auction for the chance to win one of two registrations to the Annual Conference & Expo. The proceeds from the Auction help to fund regional activities such as scholarships, university outreach, and other student activities.
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  • March 20: Annual Chapter Meeting & Evening CPE @ Deloitte - Rosslyn Office
  • April 10: Evening CPE @ Holiday Inn - Rosslyn
  • May 1: CMA Part 1 & Part 2 Test Window Begins Register

See our  events page   for the full list of upcoming events. We hope to see you soon! 
President's Message
This year is flying by, and our chapter has many opportunities specifically designed for you (yes, YOU!) to participate in education, networking, and fellowship. Leading into the Spring season, we have monthly evening events scheduled for the next three months returning to the Rosslyn area of Arlington. Our March event this Wednesday March 20th is being held at Deloitte's Rosslyn Office and will discuss how Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are changing the profession. We will then return to our usual haunt at the Holiday Inn in Rosslyn on Wednesday April 10th for a discussion on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) and on the Economic Impact of the Most Recent Financial Crisis. And on Wednesday May 8th we will meet again at the Holiday Inn to discuss The Next Frontier of Cost Accounting .

The Board and I are already planning next year's chapter events. Do you have ideas for a different kind of event? Networking? Education Topic? Location? I want to hear from you! Please email me any ideas you have about how the chapter can better meet your needs whether it be professional growth, networking, education, or fellowship. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lastly, our Annual Chapter Meeting this Wednesday night will be very important. We will have our election for next year's officers and voting on a revision of our Chapter Bylaws. The Nominating Committee has put forward the slate for next year's Board Members and Officers . Nominations from the floor will also be accepted if you wish to volunteer for an opportunity. Do your chapter civic duty and join us at the Deloitte Office in Rosslyn to have your say in how the chapter is run. The official meeting will occur following the evening's dinner and education portions. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

Derek A. Fuzzell, CMA, CSCA, CPA
President - Nation's Capital Chapter

Congratulations New CMAs!

Nicole Fleskes, CMA - June
Carrie Rice, CMA - July
Benjamin Savage, CMA - July
Ujwal Chatrath, CMA, CPA, CA - August
Matthew Collins, CMA - August
Stephen Marty, CMA - August
Jocelyn Perkins, CMA - August
Joshua Schumacher, CMA - August
Brandon Urbank, CMA - August
Frederic Colas, CMA - December
Larisa Linton, CMA - December
Eric Panketh, CMA - December
Wenqi Mo, CMA - January

Member Milestones

50 Years:
Francis Connor
Bruce Kerr
William Thompson

25 years:
Michael Bollinger, CMA, CPA, CGFM
Jeffrey Carr, CMA, CFM, CPA
Jennifer Eubanks, CMA
Kris Moen
Thomas O'Connor, CMA, CPA
Carl Walker Jr., CMA, CFM, CPA

Special Welcome to All New Members:
Jiuzhu, Yelena, Matt, Lilian, Rena, Mezerena, Rhonda, Hui, Sean, Micah, Rex, Adriel, Dedjrik, Alexander, Cassandra, Gene, Larisa, Daymon, Matthew, Jiamin, Marwan, Evan, Tyler, Steven, Michael, Opare, Alex, Marie, Albert, Jeremy, John, Areejit, Ramon, Simone, Vania, Agha, Marybeth, Adrian, John, Muhammed, Daniel, Gary, Christopher, Hugh, Marina, Ismail, Steven, Ying, Ren, Metina, Tjeerd, Barbara, Haben, Kyle, James, Alvin, & Bella!
Student Chapter Spotlight: University of Maryland - University College
The Nation's Capital Chapter currently supports an active student chapter at UMUC and is looking for ways to expand this relationship. Nation's Capital Chapter Past President Kathleen Sobieralski, Associate Professor & Program Chair at UMUC, is an active recruiter for both faculty and students in discussing the many benefits IMA has to offer including scholarship opportunities , the annual Student Leadership Conference , and so much more . Kathleen has been a vital part of the success at UMUC.

Are you an Academic Member who would like to learn more about Academic and Student Opportunities? Email our Chapter President to find out more!
Looking for Professional Growth?
Consider IMA's Volunteer Opportunities
The All-Volunteer Editorial Staff of Kapitol Dome recently sat down with our own Chapter President, Derek Fuzzell, to discuss the value of volunteering at various levels of IMA including the Local Chapter, Regional Council, and the Global Level.

First and foremost, you have been busy since you joined IMA. What are all of the various volunteer roles in which you have served over the last few years?

My first volunteer role, which is still continuing to this day, was when I joined the Global Advisory Committee on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) back in 2016. For this committee I have served as a Working Group chair for two different topics focused on special initiatives. I have also served on another working group within this committee focused on getting the message across about IMA's commitment to D&I and how this aligns with our core value of respect for the individual.

At the global level, I have also served as Chair of the Conference Program Committee for the 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in Indianapolis and Chair of ad hoc committees focusing on Young Professionals. I currently am a Member of the Global Board of Directors serving on the Performance Oversight & Audit Committee and serving as the Investment Subcommittee Chair continuing the legacy of our very own Frank Homburger who most recently served as Investment Subcommittee Chair.

Closer to home, I have served the chapter previously as Director of Academic Outreach and President-Elect leading to my election this year as President. In that role I serve as the official delegate for the regional Potomac & Chesapeake Council. Suffice it to say that all of this keeps me busy.

I'd Say! How do you find time to do all of this and still hold a day job?

It's not easy, but I do have a wonderful support network with my husband, friends, and my employer. Northwest Federal Credit Union, is a huge supporter of employees being involved in trade organizations and in the community generally.

That being said, if something is important to you, you will make time for it. Volunteering with the IMA has been a wonderful experience for me introducing me to many people with whom I will maintain life-long friendships. The networking is also a great side benefit. I know when I have a question about any professional topic I can pick up the phone at any time and ask any number of experts with far more experience than me difficult questions and I can learn from their experiences. This is one of the real values of volunteering.
What is your most memorable volunteer experience and why?

My most memorable experience was from serving on the Conference Program Committee after our all-day face-to-face meeting on September 30th, 2017. I only remember the date because it was the day before my birthday. The committee members, staff liaisons, and I all went to dinner to celebrate after completing the task of selecting the 67 speakers for the Annual Conference from well over 200 proposals.

After all of that, we went to a casual dinner and talked about our experience, our life back home, and even what the IMA meant to us. We must have been dining at the restaurant for nearly 3 hours when all of a sudden a birthday dessert arrived from the kitchen to my surprise. I wasn't expecting it, but it meant a lot that my fellow committee members had picked up on my birthday being the following the day. This will probably be a tough experience to top.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of volunteering with the IMA?

It may sound cheesy, but it is the ability to meet new people from all over the world who share a common bond with our profession and choice in professional association. I have met and made friends with people in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, India, Bahrain, Korea, and all over the United States and elsewhere which I am probably forgetting who I will keep in touch with for the rest of my life.

Do you have any advice to members who are considering seeking a volunteer role?

Get involved in any way that you can! I know at the local chapter level we are always looking for volunteers to help. You may say that you are not yet ready for a chapter board seat, but do you like hopping on social media? We could use your expertise for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Do you like planning events? We could use your help planning networking events and social gatherings. Do you just like giving your opinion? That's helpful, too. At the chapter level, I think everyone should be involved.

If you are looking for more of that national or international opportunity, consider applying for a technical or advisory committee. Most committees meet via a conference call once a month or so, and these are great ways to expand your personal network outside of the DMV. Global is accepting applications for many committees through March 29th. You can find more information here or you can email me or Pat Stefanczyk , IMA's Vice President of Volunteer Leadership, for more information. Lastly, I have always found with volunteering that the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Thank you for your time!
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