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April 2021
President's Message

Thanks to the members who cast their votes. Please join me in congratulating our new Board for the upcoming 2021/2022 program year. This newsletter lists each Board member and their position. I encourage you to use the chapter directory and contact any of us with suggestions or questions you may have.

I also want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of the past board. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we organized webinars and continued to provide opportunities for our members to make new connections, gain new insights, and develop professionally.
Continue to urge your colleagues to join IMA and our local chapter using the web site https://www.imanet.org/membership/benefits?ssopc=1 that describes many of the benefits you may wish to share. I also encourage you to inform students on how IMA membership enhances their resume and builds a great networking platform. You can share the information found at https://www.imanet.org/students/student-membership?ssopc=1
Thank you for your support of our IMA local chapter and participation in activities!

Kathleen Sobieralski

IMA Nation's Capital Chapter
Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Board
Nation's Capital Chapter Board
Kathleen Sobieralski President
LaTashia Satterfield President Elect
Derek Fuzzell Past President
Amy Blechinger Vice President of Administration
LaTashia Satterfield Assistant VP Administration
Ross Simms Vice President of Communication/Webmaster/Newsletter Editor
Pat Martin Assistant VP Communications
Anya Cross Vice President Professional Education 
Erv Basdon Vice President CMA Program
Loretta Baryeh Vice President of Membership
Kellie Francis Assistant VP Membership
Brandon Schweitzer Vice President Academic Outreach
Assistant VP Academic Outreach
Darius Hinton Treasurer
Milly Ikundi Secretary
Erv Basdon Director at Large
Derek Fuzzell Director at Large
Welcome New Members!
welcoming handshake
Members Joining in March 2021
Suzan R Abed
Christin Aubin
Robert Bauman
Rachel Bunner 
Mary Ann Cullen
Ivette Dupuis
Andrew Kennington Edson
Ishmael Intsiful  
Roya Khodabakhshi
Sharon L Levin
Menglun Li
John McCarthy
Aki Nemoto
Derek Joseph Pacifico I
Bryan Wakefield

25 Year Anniversaries
Patrick K. Farley
Timothy Hayden
Heidi B Mantzouranis,
Tracy M. Parker

New CMAs
Steven Schwarz,
Joseph Wildt
In Case You Missed It
Ethical Communications Panel Discussion
On April 14, 2021, we concluded our ethical communications series with an open panel discussion, featuring the following expert practitioners:

  • Ms. Leigha Kiger, Editor and Communications Specialist, FASAB
  • Ms. Lauren Laurie, Budget Analyst, Defense Intelligence Agency
  • Ms. Robin Gilliam, Assistant Director, FASAB
  • Mr. Tom Dean, Analyst, Kyocera Intelligence
  • Mr. Keegan Maguigan, Senior Auditor, GAO
  • Mr. Joshua Vineyard, Relationship Manager, 11th Hour Service

Free Educational Resources for Members
scrum course
Agile & Scrum 101
Discover what agile and scrum methodologies are, how they are used for effective project management, and their importance in creating process efficiencies for organizations. These results-oriented methods have proven to be adaptable for business teams delivering products, or projects, of any type. IMA members can access this e-learning course for FREE and earn 0.5 NASBA CPE credits upon completion.

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Ethics image
Ethics in the Digital Age
This new e-learning course supports management accountants as organizational leaders by addressing the ethical challenges that accompany new technology and offering guidance on how to build an ethical culture in the Digital Age. This interactive course identifies risks associated with technology advances and offers insight into how management accountants can mitigate them with ethical behavior. IMA members can access this e-learning course for FREE using their Annual Ethics Token. Earn 2 NASBA CPE credits upon completion.

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Coaching image
Coaching for the 21st Century
Meet the challenges of the new century by building and enhancing your coaching skills. This new e-learning course is designed to help you improve your coaching skills so you can drive extraordinary results, both personal and professionally, as an effective leader. Our interactive course identifies what coaching is, the skills and capabilities needed to be an effective coach today and explores approaches for being a more effective coach. IMA members can access this course for FREE. Earn up to 1 NASBA CPE credit.

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Storytelling Skills for Management Accountants
Access this course for free and earn 1 NASBA CPE credit. Based on an IMA Leadership Academy webinar, this new e-learning course explores how storytelling benefits management accountants with strategies for bridging the gap between data and insights and action.

Participants will learn how they can use stories to maximize their potential as business partners and how to apply storytelling skills to overall management competency, including strategy management, leadership, and operations. Product is available for one (1) year after purchase date.

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Additional Learning Resources
IMA Education Center
Visit the IMA Education Center to explore the full selection of learning resources, including other popular subscription packages. Login to see free/reduced pricing.
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Build Your Leadership Skills
Leadership Skills Needed

Volunteer to serve as an associate director on our Board of Directors and gain leadership experience. You can help plan and execute the future events and activities of your Nation's Capital Chapter of IMA.

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