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April is Volunteer Appreciation Month!          
Kardel promotes the belief that people who generously donate their time and talents contribute an invaluable service deserving of recognition, thanks and appreciation. 
We truly appreciate the unique contribution each volunteer brings to brighten the lives of the people we support. 
We'd like to express a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of our volunteers - we appreciate you!!   
   Home Share News                                          

Michael lives in one of Kardel's Home Shares and travelled to Austria in March to represent Canada in the Special Olympics.  He even had the chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, Honorary President of the games.  Here are pictures of Michael in his ski gear and with his gold medals.   
Congratulations Michael - you've made Canada Proud! 

Hillside House News          
Val and Alex celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by getting professional photos done and enjoying a relaxing dinner at the Keg.
Congratulations to you both! 
O, H & S Wellness World    

Lakes Road Practices "Yoga Time"

On almost a daily basis Lakes Road practices "Yoga Time". We started to sign a chart for daily participation in 15 minutes of yoga poses to improve our flexibility, core strength, lung capacity from laughing, and to relax. There are many benefits to regular stretching and conscious breathing.

On March 30, 2017, Pnina, who is a local yoga instructor came to Lakes and gave a free 20 minute session on chair yoga. She feels chair yoga is safest for us in the workplace, and the poses emphasize strengthening the low back and core areas as well as neck and shoulder range of motion. The Lakes team feel it would be beneficial for all staff to participate in a similar "stop and stretch" break. The people we support do not care to do the stretches but they enjoy the fun and laughter, and they benefit from stronger and refreshed support workers.

Henry House News


The residents and staff of Henry House have started a band, The Henry 5. We have Doug on the guitar. Susan and Robert on lead vocals. Jackie and Steve on the drums. We had our first show here at Henry House performing "These Boots Were Made for Walking".  There was even an encore for Doug's guitar solo. Fun was had by all!

The folks at Henry House joined up with Amelia and Sentinel Houses for some Easter Egg decorating. Here are Robert and Doug getting into the Easter spirit 

 "We Speak Translate" - Google Translate App
On April 12 the InterCultural Association of Victoria hosted a no-cost training session for the Google Translate App and other technology tools to improve communication with people who speak other languages!  The Google App provides businesses, agencies and institutions a "real-time" translation tool that is easy to use on your smart phone or iPad. 
Please click on the link below to learn more about Google Translate.

Amelia House News

Amelia House is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring.  This winter has taken its toll on everyone and the sun and warm weather couldn't come soon enough.

Kim has been keeping busy with preparing Easter Crafts for her numerous nieces and nephews, painting ceramic pots for spring flowers and baking a variety of goodies for us all to enjoy.
Kate has been busy with her day program. They have created a beautiful fairy garden for her to enjoy.  She is often out and about exploring the many pleasures Victoria has to offer.

Cory and Sharon headed up to Nanaimo to meet his mom for lunch.  They enjoyed their visit and also hit up Costco and Jysk on their way. Who doesn't love a trip to Costco...?  We will be planning a summer get away for Cory to Comox.
Jennifer continues to enjoy her massages and has slowly started walking again with the support of the staff.  She has also been hitting the pool at Panorama.  She too will be heading up Island this summer for a little get away.
Amelia house enjoyed an Easter Egg Decorating day with some friends from Henry and Sentinel House.  Lots of laughs were had and the gang enjoyed a yummy lunch together...any excuse to get together and have some fun!!

Community Update: DABC Translation of Help Sheets

This memo came from the Disability Alliance BC:  Community Update

Two DABC Help Sheets Translated Into Five Languages

Dear Community Partner,
We recently had two of our Help Sheets translated:
  • Help Sheet #14: Registered Disability Savings Plan and the Disability Tax Credit
  • Help Sheet #16: Guide to Filing Income Taxes for People Receiving PWD/PPMB
into the following five languages:
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Persian
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish
These Help Sheets can be downloaded at http://www.disabilityalliancebc.org/money.htm
Please feel free to print and copy as many as you need.

Or if you would like copies mailed to you, please contact Val at 604-875-0188 or email her at feedback@disabilityalliancebc.org.

Jane Dyson
Lakes Road House News 
On April 28 we held an appreciation luncheon for our volunteer of 10 years, Jason. We all enjoyed bbq hot dogs, salad, cake and rootbeer. We had two extra guests to share the day with us. Jason continues to volunteer every Friday with Lakes Rd home. He operates our van lift, pushes wheelchairs, assists with meals, shopping and sometimes household projects like gardening. Today we gave him a bright blue summer shirt and a trophy that says "Volunteer of the Year". We hope Jason will share his time with us for many more years. Thank You Jason!!!

Paskin House News

Kylie is saving for her next high-seas adventure!  This picture hangs on Kylie's wall and each time she reaches a $300 goal she adds another anchor to the picture.  Her aim is to set sail in September, 2018. 
Greg has been volunteering at Lana Popham's office each morning.  He loves his volunteer work as you can see by the big smile on his face! 

Lifetime Networks Spring Programs
Lifetime Networks understands the importance of friendship as being one of the cornerstones to a fulfilling life. Through the programs at Lifetime Networks they help people with disabilities develop and maintain lasting friendships.

Click here to access their 2017 Spring Program Schedule.

Patterson House News

Susie enjoyed a birthday celebration at the Kardel office with carrot cake, sparkling juice, grapes, and a Tim Horton's gift card! 
Ken and Susie share a laugh and a hug! 

Volunteer Recruitment

Kardel has recently joined up with Volunteer Victoria to recruit new volunteers. 

Volunteer Victoria believes that volunteering changes the way people feel about themselves because volunteers connect with places, causes, and ideas that matter. They believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to volunteer and to make a difference. 

If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering with Kardel, please have them contact Kim L at 250-382-5959 ext. 221 or they can find our application form on our website at http://kardelcares.ca/volunteer-opportunities/

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