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Amelia News

Here we are at the end of February wondering how it came and went so quickly.  Amelia house had fun celebrating Chinese new Year, making Valentines goodies and cheering on Canada in the 2018 Winter Olympics.  What a great showing from our beautiful country.
Here is a photo of Kim displaying the string art she recently completed.
We are anxiously anticipating the arrival of spring and hoping our tulips bloom soon. 
Home Share News

The Home Share team celebrated Valentine's Day with a pizza party in the Kardel board room.  There was pizza, pop, and chocolate for everyone who participated and prizes were awarded for the people who dressed up in the most red!  

 Kathy was one of the performers in the musical comedy variety show the "Great Big Show" at the McPherson Playhouse.  She played the Queen of Canada and rocked it out in the finale.  Congratulations Kathy! 
bc211 Online Referral Service

bc211 is a confidential, multilingual, telephone, texting and online referral service providing free information. Its three digits 2-1-1 make it easy to remember. Highly-trained information and referral specialists link services such as mental health supports, shelter and housing, legal aid, addictions treatment, newcomer services, food banks and so much more to people seeking assistance. Its proven technology operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year in over 160 languages.
When you call 2-1-1, you speak with a real person in BC - who knows it's not easy for anyone to ask for help from a stranger. She will listen carefully, ask questions to determine which service would be the best possible match for your needs, or you can search their extensive database of
services at bc211.ca and based on your location, connect you to them.
bc211 connects people with the community and social services they need. And that's not all - it helps service providers instantly find resources for their clients and provides information for caregivers seeking help for their loved ones.
With bc211, you are never alone.
For more information you can visit the website: http://www.bc211.ca

Sentinel House News
Ken is having a good smile as he soaks in some February sunshine. He truly loves the sun and seeks out the sunshine in the home. He can't wait for the weather to stay sunny all the time so he can get outside and enjoy the wonderful Sentinel house patio!

Beachcrossers in Mexico                                                      

Two of Kardel's Home Share Providers have used the service of "Beachcrossers" to assist them in supporting 2 ladies with high needs while travelling in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Beachcrosses rents accessible beach equipment to travelers with mobility limitations so that the beach is accessible to everyone. 
If you're planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta and need assistance to access the beach click here to check out their website for more information. 
Proposed Opportunities Act
The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) commends the recent introduction of The Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities Act  (Bill C-395)  in  the House of Commons. The Opportunities Act would ensure that persons with disabilities never lose more in benefits and taxation than they gain as a result of earning increased employment income.

"Only 25.5% of working-age people with an intellectual disability have any paid employment compared to the national average of 75.5%. This legislation helps break the link that exists between persons with an intellectual disability and systemic poverty," said Joy Bacon, President of CACL.
Click here to read the full article

Paskin House News
Greg thoroughly enjoyed his involvement as a volunteer for the Victoria Film Festival.  Greg really enjoyed his role, this was reflected by him stating one evening "This is the best job ever!". 

Hillside House News
Val celebrated her 60th birthday in February.  Here she is cuddling with one of her presents and enjoying a walk out in the cool, crisp air.
Happy Birthday Val!! 

Henry House News

Steve assisted with taking down the Valentine's Day decorations and ended up decorating himself! 

Doug and Rob enjoyed a visit to the IMAX in February to see Mummies; Secrets of the Pharaohs. 


Medication Return Program

What do you do with your unused or expired medications? If you are like 45% of Capital Region residents you toss them in the garbage or down the drain. It turns out that's not such a good idea.

Why? Because medication that goes down the drain ends up in the ocean, where it can have a negative effect on the marine environment.

Medication in household garbage is not only easily accessible to children, pets and wildlife, but once it reaches the landfill, it can enter the leachate collection system and eventually wind up in the marine environment.

It's easy to safely dispose of your expired or unused medications.
Simply take your medications to one of the many pharmacies that is participating in the Medications Return Program (MRP).    Click here to enter your postal code to find the location nearest you.   

Lakes House News

Brin Jackson has been coming to Lakes Rd home to give Brent and Tanya reflexology treatments for 4 months.  Both Tanya and Brent enjoy Brin's visits and seem to look forward to seeing her.  Here is a picture of her and Tanya from this week.

Duncan Bakery Employs Adults with a Developmental Disability

A B.C. bakery is winning hearts, minds and wallets with tasty treats made by bakers with developmental disabilities, who have helped transform the operation from a volunteer opportunity into a paying business.

The Mindful Mouthful Bakery in Duncan, B.C., is now offering slightly more than minimum wage to its 20 bakers, who joined the kitchen as volunteers through a not-for-profit organization.

"It's a training kitchen for adults with developmental disabilities to teach them life skills (and) cooking skills," Dominic Rockall, executive director of The Mindful Mouthful, told CTV Vancouver Island. Rockall says the orders are rolling in, with customers eager to pay for tasty products that also support a "great cause."
Click here for the full CTV story

Patterson House News

Kenny attended the Chinese New Year Dragon Parade on Feb 18! Ken always enjoys being in China Town and the cultural experience makes him happy! 

Shirley enjoys going out for daily walks especially now that the weather is starting to clear up.  Here she is making new friends at the Butterfly Gardens. 

Susie got into the spirit of Valentines Day and ended up decorated too! 

Accessing Government Disability Benefits

The Greater Victoria Public Library is hosting an information session on Thursday, March 8 from 7:00-8:30pm on how to access government disability benefits and how to financially support a disabled family member without them losing access to these same benefits. Learn how to qualify for tax credits and government grants and how to transfer wealth to dependent disabled family members. Registration begins February 19.

Click here for more details.

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