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Holiday News

For many years Kardel successfully collected Christmas hamper items for the Mustard Seed in honour of Mark Douglass, a long time employee at Kardel who passed away in 2009. This year we have decided to switch the focus towards helping families with the back to school transition. It is a hard time of year for many people with less resources available. Thank you for nine great years of Christmas hampers!
 Homeshare News  

On Halloween, Bree stopped by the Kardel office in her Day of the Dead costume. She selected it herself and did her own make up. You look awesome Bree!

Paskin House News

 The gang at Paskin are always doing something. A wiener roast in November, why not?
Iggy, (or Captain American on Halloween) is very proud of his sport corner. If you need to know any sport stats, he's your man!

Amelia House News
It has been a fabulous fall for everyone at Amelia House. The beautiful weather in October allowed everyone to get out and take part in some of the seasonal festivities.

Cory, Kim, Kate and Jennifer enjoyed several outings: including a trip to the Pumpkin Patch, Butchart Gardens, Gyro Beach, decorating Halloween Cookies with friends.
 Cory rocked his criminal costume at the Maryland's Halloween Party.
"Treat or stick em' up"
They have kicked November off with Taco Tuesday which is going to become a regular monthly event.  Kim also got out and enjoyed the movie The Grinch. 
Patterson House News
Megan and Shirley have been up to nothing but fun this autumn. Butchart Gardens, Carousel Rides and Pumpkins!

Maryland House News

Well there are no words needed here...
John and Jackie from Maryland obviously have a great time at home.

Kardel Office News
It's finally here! The office move happens; November 30th.
#A4 100 Aldersmith Place ~ Come by for a visit!
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