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 Come join Kardel individuals, staff and supporters for this extraordinary evening of entertainment.
Hillside House News
Alex and Airplanes. What a great day he had at the aviation museum in Sidney, BC.


Click here to plan your 'flight' to the museum. 
Do you want to join a large and growing network of caregivers who support adults with a developmental disability?
Can you provide a supportive home in which they can live safe, healthy, and full lives?
Home Share Providers do for adults what Foster Parents do for children.
We welcome inquiries from individuals and families who have the right skills and are interested in exploring the personal and financial side of Home Sharing.
To learn more, please contact our Team in Victoria                  250-382-5959 ext. 234 or by email hsvic2@kardel87.com
For information about Kardel please see our website kardelcares.ca

Patterson House News
Here's Ken and Megan enjoying the sights, the sounds and the tastes of Chinatown.  
Ken took home a brand new set CD's of traditional Chinese music and a new hat. He left the flute player there, but did take a moment to appreciate the sounds.

Looks like they both had a great day, with leftovers too.
Paskin House News

Greg got his pick of the patch. Can't wait to see the jack-o-lanterns that the gang at Paskin House create. 

And look at that weather, always sunny October in Victoria!

Lake House News
Brent celebrated his 51st birthday with his parents and some friends from The Yellow House at Clements Centre. The festivities were held in the backyard with delicious cake and smiles.

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Kardel Office News
After 31 years at the Tillicum/Gorge location, we are excited to be relocating the main Kardel Office to: A4 100 Aldersmith View Royal, BC.
(Admirals Walk - not far from our current location)
The expected date of occupancy is November/December of this year.
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