Karen's Comments
This month I celebrate another year in my life. I always reflect on the past year and ask the Lord’s leading in the next one.

We all have been challenged this year to think outside the box. This is so important - especially in our life as an ESL teacher, helper or director. Don’t wait until the storm passes – there is always something to do to help our international students. I would encourage you to look at our blog, subscribe if you haven’t and see all the teaching tips that we have posted to help you through the current storm.
Literacy ConneXus is partnering with Literacy Texas and Tarrant Literacy Coalition to host a literacy symposium focused on helping church-based ESL programs on Saturday, October 24th.

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Save the date(s): Friday, October 23rd and Saturday, October 24th.
In closing, we would like to remember an extraordinary ESL and Literacy leader who was unexpectedly taken to heaven. Please remember the family of Peggy Wennerlind in your thoughts and prayers. If ever there was one who danced in the rain it was Peggy. She served the Midland community and First Baptist Church for so many years. She was the ultimate example to all of us. I pray that we in Literacy missions will continue to strive forward making everyday count no matter what obstructions come our way. What is your storm? My prayer is that you don’t get stuck in the storm. There is always something you can do. Literacy Connexus is always here to help you. Pray and ask the Lord for His guidance in giving you the ideas to serve your students. Dance in the Rain!
Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.
Karen Peiser, ESL Coordinator,
Literacy ConneXus