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The New Normal?
Above is a hardworking group from Woodland ESL. Thank you for sharing how you are meeting the needs of your students in this pandemic. Here is their response:

“ESL Woodland is involved in two different initiatives. We're partnering with Summer of Service, a local non-profit that gets middle school and high school students involved in service and cultural learning. Eleven of their students are
meeting once or twice a week with members of our ESL community for conversation practice, focusing on various aspects of culture. The second project is in partnership with students from the UTSA Honors College. These students are running online classes and conversation groups for about fifty of our ESL students (and counting). We're so pleased about both of these opportunities to strengthen ties with our
San Antonio neighbors.”

How are you meeting the need? Literacy Connexus is here to help your ministries!
HELP, please
Last month I told you of our receiving a grant for $6000 from Dollar General to be used to research resources and identify best practices to help ESL students lacking literacy in their first language. Please take time right now to share some experiences that you have had in reaching out to preliterate adults.
How many pre-literate students do you currently teach?
If you responded to this poll, please hit "Reply" and send us your contact information as well as questions and/or comments about teaching reading and writing to pre-literate ESL students.
Literacy Connexus has six of our colleagues presenting at the Literacy Texas 2020 Conference in August. It will be a virtual conference so you can attend online. The subjects are on our pressing needs in teachings ESL in this pandemic world! There are scholarships available to non-profits.

Keep scrolling for more information!
Registration is OPEN for the 2020 Literacy Texas Virtual Conference

When: August 3rd - 5th
Where: Cvent and Zoom

Attendees will be able to visit exhibitor and sponsor “rooms” where they can interact and learn about products and services. The sessions will be live with attendees being able to ask questions and talk with the presenters. Professional Development credits will also be earned.


Q: How much does it cost to attend?
A: In an effort to maintain affordability, 2-Day Conference admittance has been secured at $175 and will include access to all workshops and events. Wednesday Intensive Training Sessions will involve 3, 6-hour concurrent presentations. An additional $100 will include access to the session of your choice.

Q: Are there scholarships this year?
A: A limited number of registration scholarship opportunities are available -- these will be reviewed on an individual basis. Qualification requirements can be found on our website.

Q: How do I get a scholarship?
A: Just select "Scholarship Registration", and they will take care of the rest!

Q: Can I choose to attend one of the Wednesday Sessions only?
A: Absolutely! Just select "Wednesday Only" when registering!

***Please Note: In order to access this virtual event, you will need to download Zoom if you have not done so already. The download is free and quick, and can be accessed by following the button below!***
NEW Opportunity
Life right now is not normal and we don’t know what the future holds. Literacy Connexus is working hard to meet your needs during this time. LOOK for our NEW BLOG to premiere on July 9. Take a peek at our progress by clicking the button below:
Because of the pandemic we will not be holding TEX Workshops this year, but look forward to 2021.

Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God.
Karen Peiser, ESL Coordinator,
Literacy ConneXus