Karen's Comments
Happy Thanksgiving
2020 has been a year to cause us to be the opposite, but there is always something to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to go inward and to contemplate about the forces and causes of happiness. We may not have thought of being thankful for technology, but that is what has been keeping our ESL ministries going in this time of pandemic! Has your list of gratefulness changed?

I am so thankful for Literacy Connexus and all our workshop leaders and staff that reaches out to those who have the basic need of learning English. We have a tremendous team. 
How are you connecting with your students?
Our Collaboration of Symposiums was a huge success and there were so many who joined in. I send a Huge Thank you, to all those who presented and organized the event. I am so grateful for all the different agencies working together. The message that spoke to me was – connectivity. . During this time of social distancing, it is a time to think of innovative ways to connect to our students. Ways that we have never done before! I urge you to share your story with us.

We are focusing on returning to holding our TEX ESL Teacher training in 2021. In this time of waiting, I leave you with a Teaching Tip from our manual. Allow Time for students to respond. Allow time for them to correct themselves. In the world today we want instant everything! Wait time is essential in an ESL classroom whether in person or online. The student needs time to process and give you a response. It is important to wait even though we think silence is much longer than it is. Happy Teaching in whatever way you are accomplishing it.

Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
Karen Peiser, ESL Coordinator,
Literacy ConneXus