On last Thursday's call, someone confused me with the question, "Is this our last meeting of the year?"

No! Not even close. We meet every Thursday at 9:00 Am Pacific on Zoom.

And then we proceeded to have an amazing meeting! As usual, the topics were quite varied.:

  • Selling services online
  • How to overcome objections . . . or should you?
  • What about when the internet goes down? (or when . . . )
  • The difference between very small (1-5 employee) clients, and slightly larger (minimum 10 seats) in terms of hand holding, expectations, and support
  • Josh shares a shockingly funny story involving a client, their server room, and a heat lamp . . . yeah – you put that together correctly.
  • Josh then updates a bit on how the “problem client” from a few weeks ago is going (the one who called outraged, believing Josh and his employees were reading all of his emails).
  • Reviewing yesterday’s webinar on getting new employees – where to look, how how to advertise, and more
  • What are people using for M365 and VOiP?
  • Let’s talk franchises – who gets tech support, who doesn’t? How about approaching local franchises still using Gmail?
  • Karl might be inclined to do some market research on this for the community. . .
  • SMB Online Conference is happening! Mark your calendars for May 17 & 18, 2023
  • and more!