The Enneagram is a personality profile tool. For the next SBT Roundtable, we'll talk to coach Jenifer Novak Landers about using the Enneagram in your business.

June 2nd
9:00 AM Pacific
Members Only

Jenifer is a many-times entrepreneur. One of her recent projects is a set of cards based on the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a framework of human expression archetypes. It’s less of a personality profile than Myers-Briggs or DiSC. The Enneagram framework assumes that personalities emerge over time rather than being built-in at birth.

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  • Next Roundtable with Jenifer Landers
  • Next 5-Week class: Highly Successful Project Management
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Open Forum topics:
  • Congrats to Jeff Ponts! He officiated his daughter’s wedding and had a wonderful experience
  • Jeff also hired for an open position he’d had – woo hoo!
  • Josh has a potential win – a company wants to hire him – but of course there is still some educating to do. This client has the “well my machines have worked all this time, why would they fail?”
  • Difficulties taking on manufacturing clients
  • Virtual Private Machines – can you work offline?

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