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November 2016
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The holiday season is just around the corner.  With that comes all the activities around food, family, gift-giving and fellowship.  It is also when charities start ringing their bells, setting up their booths and sending out solicitation requests.    And of course we are only a couple weeks away from #GivingTuesday.

The past couple of newsletters I have shared what we are doing with a few other small businesses across Canada to engage in the #RetailPhilanthropy movement.  Going beyond the cash donation at the till.  Please visit the retailers and the events we are promoting across Canada that have taken a different approach to driving financial and human resources into our communities.

The holidays are a great time to model and teach social values. My colleagues at 21/64 have compiled a list of activities to foster discussion, build stronger connections and have fun together.  The list of activities can be found below.

As usual, we have a featured guest writer.  The Better Group has written a piece about Google and their contributions to the non-profit sector through Google AdWords. This is primarily directed at charities so please consider sharing the information with the organizations that you support.

All the best for the holiday season!

Gena Rotstein  
Guest Article - Better Group: Harnessing the Power of Google AdWords

Did you know that as a Canadian charity or non-profit organization you are eligible to receive up to $10,000 a month in free search advertising through Google Ad Grants? As a relatively new program, very few non-profits in Canada have taken advantage of it.
Search Advertising uses text-based ads that appear at the top and bottom of a Google search results page, and are used as a way to connect with an audience that is actively searching for keywords related to your organization and its purpose.
To qualify for the program, you'll first need official status as a registered charity or non-profit organization. Please note that governmental organizations, hospitals, health care organizations, and academic institutions are not eligible for Google Ad Grants.
Your organization will also need to have a fully functional website with a fair bit of content on it (while Google doesn't specify exact numbers, you'll need at least 4 to 6 pages to qualify for the program).

Join us for a workshop on how to power-up your Google AdWords and enhance your digital strategy.
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Featured Non-Profit Holiday Activities
Addressing Technology Poverty

Our vision and our mission are ambitious. They will require collective action and a new way of thinking and doing. We believe this can be achieved by bringing toget her non-profit agencies and charities through group IT solutions with key industry and technology partners and a strategic focus on collective impact, advocacy and education.

What is technology poverty? Simply put, it is the use of outdated technology, under-utilization of current techn ology, and/or the absence of technology altogether. 

Home for the Holidays: 
A Guide to Family Giving

Last year I completed the 21/64 training program focusing on legacy planning and the inter-generational conversation.

Some of my colleagues from this program have put together a list of different things to do with your family over the holidays that brings you closer together and connects you with community and giving.  

Click the link below for the complete list.

  TheCardThatGives is a charity GIVE card where the recipient re-directs the face-value of the card to any charity in Canada.  It is a physical card that can be purchased online , or in one of our participating retailers.  A complete list of re-sellers across Canada will be posted mid-October and updated weekly.

This is a product for individuals and companies.  A great stocking-stuffer, present for a teacher or small gift for a friend.  For companies it is a great way to reward your employees, recognize your clients, attract new customers and share your corporate citizenship story.

Where can you buy the cards?
It's super simple -
  1. Buy cards
  2. Gift them
  3. Friend Redeems the card by redirecting the face-value to a charity of their choice.
Place2Give Foundation takes care of the donation management, reporting and tracking.

Do you want branded cards to gift to your clients? To your staff? Or sell in your store?
To place your BULK  order please click here .  Please allow up 2 weeks for shipping for orders of 50 or more.

One of the most proud accomplishments I am excited to share with you is the joint venture between Place2Give Foundation and GoodPin , Ramp Communications and Variant1 .  

Giving Tuesd'eh is our response to the Governor General's call to action making Canada the world's  Most Generous Nation and part of the larger Giving Tuesday movement. Through #RetailPhilanthropy we can harness the power of consumer behaviour and support organizations locally, nationally and internationally.

Our goal - every Canadian donates at least $1 to charity on November 29th, 2016.

For more information about this joint venture, or how your company can get involved please visit 
Thank you to our donors and partners:

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