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September 2016
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Fall is my favourite time of year.  It is when we get a number project update reports from charities, and when we sit down with our donor families and their advisors on what they are planning on doing this upcoming holiday season.   It is also when we get to share updates on how some of these partnerships are going with the broader Dexterity and Place2Give network.

An example of one of these projects is Low Down Tracks a joint effort between a number of family foundations, the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, Place2Give and Bishiri Productions.

September kicks off our workshops across Canada (Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto) on topics for financial and legal advisors on strategic philanthropy, for donors on planning their legacy.  It is also when we continue on with the Women and Philanthropy conversations in partnership with TD Private Giving Foundation

Lastly, Pro-Bono week is Oct. 23-29, 2016.  We are collecting stories of small businesses and family owned operations who are supporting charities and start-ups in the area of offering free professional services.  Please share your story with us and we will share them out to our network across Canada and the United States.  You can email your stories to ytilley@dexterityventures.com.

Enjoy the first days of autumn and I look forward to seeing you at one of our events in Calgary, Edmonton or Toronto.

Gena Rotstein  
One of the most proud accomplishments I am excited to share with you is the joint venture between Place2Give Foundation through  TheCardThatGives GoodPin , Ramp Communications and Variant1 .  Giving Tuesd'eh is our response to the Governor General's call to action making Canada the world's  Most Generous Nation and part of the larger Giving Tuesday movement. 

Our goal - every Canadian donates at least $1 to charity on November 29th, 2016.

For more information about this joint venture, or how your company can get involved please visit 
TheCardThatGives - ON SALE NOW
Place your order now for the branded CardThatGives!
  Last year we piloted TheCardThatGives  and it was a huge success!  In the two weeks leading up to Christmas over $14,000 in cards were purchased and to-date about 50% have been redeemed. The balance will be going to a charity of the purchaser's choice representing over 100 organizations benefiting from this retail philanthropy movement.

TheCardThatGives is a charity GIVE card where the recipient re-directs the face-value of the card to any charity in Canada.  It is a physical card that can be purchased online, or in one of our participating retailers.  A complete list of re-sellers across Canada will be posted mid-October and updated weekly.

This is a product for individuals and companies.  A great stocking-stuffer, present for a teacher or small gift for a friend.  For companies it is a great way to reward your employees, recognize your clients, attract new customers and share your corporate citizenship story.

Last year 13 companies participated in the corporate program and 250 individuals have redirected the funds to charities of their choice.  Based on their feedback we have added new features.
  • Ability to order branded cards for your company or store
  • Ability to track who redeemed the cards purchased in your store
  • Improved communication with charities on use of proceeds and who redirected the funds to their organization 
  • Increased support for bulk buyers to share the philanthropic impact that their recipients have made
  • An optional feature - redeemers of the GIVE card can return to the place of purchase (branded cards only) for additional in-store discounts thereby giving the store a new opportunity to promote their products and secure new customers. 
A WIN-WIN-WIN model of giving and business.

We believe that it is through the power of retail philanthropy and the role that businesses play in supporting their customers' giving, that we can better support the charities that are important to your customers.

To place your BULK order please click here.  Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

Guest Article - MoreSo Projects & Gro: A Small Biz Pro-Bono Story
As part of our Pro-Bono series, leading up to Pro-Bono week here is the story of one small business that is bringing a fresh perspective to making huge impact in the non-profit sector.

I was introduced to their founder, Melissa Pockar, through the non-profit sector and want to share their story - how they, as a small business, are building community.  

This is their story.

A play on the French word "morceau," MoreSo Projects is about fostering all aspects of our health - including our professional selves. 

MoreSo Projects was founded on the desire to do "MORE."  When traditional work environments weren't working for us, we opted to create a new environment to engage in meaningful work opportunities that resonated with us and allowed us to maintain our priorities of health and family.

Featured Charity Featured Social Enterprise
Starlight Children's Foundation Canada   has been brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families by them bringing joy, laughter and relief, for over 25 years. They focus on the family as a whole, at a time when they feel most isolated, offering programs and events that can provide an escape from the stress of dealing with a serious illness every day. What makes  Starlight  unique is that they are there for the entire journey - from hospital to home. While in-hospital,  Starlight  provides distraction, entertainment and relief from the stress and boredom of hospitalization. When out-of-hospital,  Starlight  children benefit from our Day Brightener, Great Escapes and Wishes programs - giving them an opportunity to leave the 'sick' behind, create special family memories and return home with a renewed sense of strength and hope.

The project that we have reviewed is - Ward + Robes.  Click here to read more about this initiative.
ChatterHigh  is an ed-tech start up out of BC that gamifies exploration of post-secondary and career options.  It is a free resource that is now used in high schools across Canada.  Their mission is to get every student talking about their future.  They do this by creating a community in career education.   Here is ChatterHigh in 60 seconds .

Nearly every student in Canada takes a course in Career Ed while in high school.  The outcome of this course is to build vocational identity, which is the best strategy we have for getting students engaged in school.  This contributes to students 'learning how to learn' which helps them in a fast changing world.  ChatterHigh Founder, Lee Taal, presents in schools and educational conferences across Canada on the topic of getting students engaged in career education and on ' Becoming Adaptable'.

Thank you to our donors and partners:

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