Stella McCartney, Florence, Italy - Reclaimed White Oak

Dear Clients, Friends and Partners,

Over the past several months we have had the amazing opportunity to work directly with high-end luxury retailer and fashion designer, Stella McCartney for her new concept stores in multiple locations. Our reclaimed white oak brought a new and modern twist to McCartney's newly finished stores in Paris, London, Florence, New York City and Costa Mesa, CA. You'll soon find Kaswell's end grain in future shops in cities including Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and Kiev. 

Our visually pleasing and sustainable reclaimed white oak was utilized in the changing room areas for both flooring and specialized millwork. In some locations, you'll even find our blocks mounted on displays, showcasing handbags and clothing.

Stella McCartney, Costa Mesa, CA - Reclaimed White Oak

"This is the only retail store rollout I've ever been a part of where the client values authenticity and environmentally friendly materials over price points and ease of installation. It's atypical in today's retail construction industry and really impressed on me the dedication Stella McCartney has to maintain a certain standard and image. I am honored to be a part of these high end shops all around the globe." 
-- Joshua Kaswell, President, Kaswell Flooring Systems

McCartney's new store designs reflect her brand's commitment to sustainability within an intimate, personal and architectural atmosphere. A considered effort has been made to move away from traditional luxury materials, and to use more handmade, organic and sustainable sourced elements (such as our reclaimed end grain white oak). Her new store concept truly reflects her desire to explore more sustainable and environmentally friendly textures that can be transformed into something modern and contemporary. 

We take great pride in our international partnership with McCartney. Her commitment to sustainability is evident throughout all her collections and is part of her brand's ethos to be responsible, honest, and a modern company. 

Thank you for your continued interest in our products! 

Best Regards,
Joshua Kaswell
Reclaimed White Oak blocks are manufactured from lumber harvested primarily from the Pennsylvania/Ohio region. Most of the wood is at least 100 years old, with beams coming from old barns, mills, and foundries. Reclaimed products are more eco-friendly than other end grain options in that its moisture content is already low due to post consumer usage. Since it's been dried once before, the time and energy required for drying is significantly reduced compared to "wet" new growth lumber. Also, using reclaimed wood reduces the need for younger trees to be cut down for processing new lumber. Oak is a very visually pleasing species, especially in an end cut due to the medullary rays that emanate from the pith. Reclaimed Oak blocks can be sourced in many sizes and custom shapes.
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