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Just Saying




It's Personal

Low Country Boil

Several times during the Summer, we host a low country boil with several friends or family.  We learned of this dish many years ago on Fripp Island South Carolina by our dear friends. We vary it often adding crab legs, sometimes lemons or onions.  We have some friends that add artichokes (it's on the list to try)
It's definitely a favorite and so easy to feed a crowd
Cover a table with newspaper, have some melted butter, cocktail sauce and extra old bay seasoning .......plates are optional.  Cold beer a must!
Amounts will vary by type of seafood and size of pot. The best assortment contains:
  • Shrimp
  • Crab Legs
  • Clams
  • Smoked Sausage (some mild and some spicy)
  • Corn on the cob
  • Red Potatoes
  • Old Bay
  • Fixings: cocktail sauce, hot sauce, lemon, butter, salt & pepper
1.     Prep seafood ingredients as necessary (leave shells on shrimp, though!). Slice sausage in 3 inch chunks, half large potatoes, and cut corn in half.
2.     Fill bottom of pot (just until it almost reaches the insert) with water.
3.     Put in first layer of ingredients (whatever takes the longest to cook). In our case we added potatoes, a sprinkle of Old Bay, sausage, a sprinkle of Old Bay, and then corn with a sprinkle of Old Bay. Once the water comes to a boil, we cooked it for 15 minutes.
4.     Then we added the clams with a sprinkle of Old Bay. Once they began to open (about 8 minutes) we added the shrimp and the crab legs.
5.     Once the crab legs are warmed through and the shrimp are pink, you're all done!
6.     Serve with melted butter and the rest of the fixings!

All Kat Nelson Designs professional photography by Lisa Konz photography.

Some of the best memories are made in flip flops! 
Summer is finally here and we couldn't be more excited.  This busy Spring culminated in my annual visit to  High Point Furniture Market.  This yearly event is like Disney for designers.  It is the industry's largest market event with 10 million square feet of inspiration.  I had no business leaving for 4 days with my busy client schedule but it's a must do!  It's a fabulous place for me to meet my vendors, new vendors and new introductions, test lots of furniture, attend seminars and purchase some perfect things for existing clients while seeking out ideas for new projects.  

Here are some of my take away from this year's market.

Traditional design is alive and well!   Classic furniture with twists of unexpected acrylic or contemporary art was strong. The traditional case goods had more of gray-brown stains allowing the grain of the wood to show through and less of the all over ebony finishes.  I'm so happy to see the fresh traditional designs reign versus the contrived and strictly modern looks so many people got wrapped up in the past few years.  Asian Blue and white pottery had a strong presence, as well.  
Color Color Color!   Bright and saturated colors and strong patterns were in every showroom. Every color....not limited to a few.   Blues are still strong, especially Navy showing itself as a softer alternative to black.  And Romantic Blush still transcending fashion and interiors, acting often as the new neutral.    

Bold Prints and Pattern!  From huge floral, geometrics to African inspired tribal prints, bold prints and vibrant patterns where used in drapery, furniture, art and wallpaper   Just a side note..almost all showrooms were showing wallpapers....yep, they are back and I'm in love!  All that texture on the walls as an option now too!!!

Statement Lighting!  Everyone knows lighting is always strong in Kat Nelson Designs.  I love to emphasize, accentuate and punctuate a room with gorgeous chandeliers and lamps.  Don't skimp shows.  Cheap lighting looks like cheap lighting.  

Bar Carts and Cabinets !  The one piece of furniture that duplicated itself throughout my journey was this piece of furniture to make our cocktail time more efficient and pretty.  The finished ranged from gold, silver, lacquer, wood, shagreen and most with beautiful oversized hardware.  Now, I must have one!

So what do we do with all these "trends"?  Well, in my opinion, not all trends are created equally.  Some should be ignored and some last way too long.  One gauge is to ask yourself, "If you love it now, will you love it in 10 years"?  Next, decorate with colors you love.  If there is a trend you love, use it in a small, inexpensive way.  

As always, we are happy to help you with classic design, mixed with current trends to create the perfect home with your personality.  

 Eternally Grateful,

Kat Nelson

What's Hot?
color in design!
What's Not?
beige on beige on beige!

Need to Know

Summer's Must Have....
the Bar Cart/ Cabinet 

  Why are bar carts back? Because they're a little bit of nostalgia mixed with a little bit fun.

Bar carts, once a fixture of the American living room, seem to be making a comeback. It's unclear whether this is a trend driven by the desire to add flair to a room without the cost of remodeling - or a nostalgia for a simpler, more stylish time in our past.
What is clear is that they are appearing more and more in design work and showing up in all kinds of finishes and sizes.  
What if you don't need a bar cart to function as intended?  Add toiletries and linens and it is the perfect accompaniment to guest bedrooms and bathrooms.   
Used as intended for entertaining purposes, a bar cart allows guests to participate, rather than having someone pour them a drink. It makes an environment friendly and approachable.
Whether you want it for indoors or outdoors, mobile or not, the choices are virtually endless.  
Let us know if you need help finding the perfect bar cart/ cabinet for this Summer's get togethers. We are here to help!  

Let's get this party started!...


Featured Project
By Kat Nelson Designs

This newsletter's featured project involved a client that has spent her recent years working full time and raising a family.  Spending time on her home took a backseat to the demands of work and family.  When she decided that she wanted to focus time on her home, we met and discovered that the client loves blues and whites and beach decor.  
Because her home was not located at the beach, we decided to compromise on standard beach decor and implemented her love of blues and whites which resulted in a Nantucket style and feel.   The rooms are comfortable, inviting and cheerful.  We had so much fun creating this look for a darling client!

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