Kate King   
Vibrational Jewelry Trunk Show
October 11 to 16
 Presenting Vibrational Tools of Light  
An Evening With Kate at the Old Siskiyou Barn Oct 10th
Mastery Class Part 2; Harnessing the Power of Your Vibrational Toolkit 
Kate King is returning for a new Jewelry Trunk Show October 11 through 16 with her latest collection of stunning vibrational jewelry. Kate is offering one-on-one Personal Vibrational Analyses designed to match you with a gemstone pendant(s) that will help to harmonize and balance your energy field. When in balance we feel greater vitality, health, focus, creativity, joy, and abundance.
   Kate King Jewelry Kate King Jewellery Kate King Jewelry 
This Trunk Show is an opportunity to start or enhance your personal Kate King Vibrational Jewelry Toolkit. Call Soundpeace at 541-482-3633 to arrange a personal 30 minute complimentary consultation with the designer herself, Kate King. We still have appointment openings but the show is filling up.  
Kate is also expanding on the free class she presented last spring; "Harnessing the Power of Your Vibrational Toolkit". She will share her knowledge and answer your questions about maximizing the power of the jewelry. The class is Thursday Evening, Oct 10th at 6:30pm at the Old Siskiyou Barn, 2600 Old Siskiyou Highway, Ashland, Oregon. RSVP requested. If you need directions contact Soundpeace. 
Kate King Jewellery is a vibrational gemstone collection based on the idea in quantum phyics that everything in the universe vibrates, including us. The gemstones we wear on our physical body and enhance our personal vibration. Through one on one consultations* Kate conducts a personalized vibrational analysis to determine which gemstones can best balance and harmonize you.  

Using sacred geometry and motifs to enhance love, comfort, peace, and joy, each gemstone is hand-cut in Bali by master gem cutters and hand-set in nickel-free sterling silver. Settings feature 22 karat gold plating, rose gold, and ruthenium.

To see a short video of Kate describing how challenges in her life led to the creation of Kate King Jewellery click the following link.
Why Kate King developed this Jewelry

I f you are interested in learning more or purchasing one of these gemstone pieces but can't make it to the trunk show you have the option of a free vibrational analysis at any time of year with Elizabeth Bryant or Jessie Dixon. For more information about Kate and her jewelry check our website, www.soundpeace.com.  
*consultations are complimentary 

Message From Kate

"It is always an experience to witness the birth of a new Collection as spirit directs me to the vibrational tools needed to support us. The collection I am bringing this October is all about transformation, motivation, focus, and happiness. Vibrate the frequency of what you want to attract and you will achieve that. (or "and it will come into being")
The core of this collection has four themes.  
Connecting with our sacred path with Danburite and Phenacite. Consider ed two of the most powerful minerals used in crystal healing, they activate connection with our divine blueprint and help us to step into grace. Cleansing and aligning the chakras, enhancing euphoria and divine love, these stones are vibrational powerhouses and a must for supercharging our sacred journey.
Grounding without lowering our vibration
. This collection features a new stone, lab grown Paraiba Effect Garnet. Resonating the Turquoise Ray of Atlantis and Lemuria, it supercharges joy and actives the root with its unique signature. This stone is a treat, bringing up bubbly happiness from the soul while grounding and focusing.  
Transformation is key to step into our highest path . The latest tool in our Mystic Collection is the Peacock Mystic Quartz. It took 2 years for the alchemists that work with precious metals and oxides on quartz to bring it to life. Resonating the energy of Lakshmi the goddess of prosperity, kindness, compassion and good luck, and Quan Yin the goddess of compassion and loving kindness. Like the Phoenix, the Peacock connects with resurrection, rebirth, and transformation; rising out of our darkest moments to walk our highest soul path. Be bold, be brave, be all that you can be.
Vibrate the frequency of Love and Courage with Parvati Pink Sapphire. Parvati is the Hindu Goddess of love, devotion, beauty, fertility, and courage. This stone will assist you in stepping into your personal power in a loving confident way. Parvati Pink Sapphire teaches you are divine love, beyond the mind, sacred. Embrace the unlimited power of Parvati to walk your highest path.
These are just some of this season's highlights. I am really excited, as this collection has many powerful new stones including some that are rare and one of a kind. I look forward to seeing you at Soundpeace and sharing these powerful stones with you.
Many blessings of love and light."

Kate King
Kate King is a Kinaesthetic Clairvoyant who as a result of a personal health crisis was draw n to explore gem stones and vibrational healing. The result was the creation of a stunning line of vibrational jewel ry based on quantum physics. Wearing powerful gemstones on our physical body changes our rate of vibration and thus empowers us. Kate King offers a large selection of Vibrat ional Gemstone Pendants  harmonized for every frequency. This harmonization can result in increased health, wealth, energy and joy that can be tangibly experienced.  What would you like to enhance? Joy, Abundance, Peace, Serenity, Love, Grounding, Focus....Come in for a one on one session with Kate and experience them for yourself. This is a unique opportunity to build your personal Vibrational Jewelry Toolkit. 
199 East Main Street
Ashland, OR 97520
open 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week