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Kate Malone Visits Clay Station - February 2015





London-based ceramic artist Kate Malone, seeks inspiration from nature, and her state-of-the-art pieces reflects her keen observational eye. An alumni from the Royal College of Art, London, Kate has established herself over the last 20 years, not just as an artist, but a mentor to many avid up-coming potters.  


Kate works on large-scale public projects, one-of-a-kind ceramics and 'playful smaller pieces' as she prefers to call them. In addition to her studio in London, she has satellite studios in Provence and Barcelona.


In her endeavor to strengthen the bond between clay and man, Kate along with Clay Station, intends to showcase and share some of her techniques and present her journey with clay, at our studio on 7th February 2015. 


Session I: 


Possibilities with Clay- An Interactive Session with Kate Malone 


This session will include the basics of Kate's philosophy, re making...about precise hand skills, the way clay responds and what it does, essential skills in coil making and slab rolling, use of sprigs in texturing and the use of glazes.



Schedule :    7th February 2015 from 10AM-12:30PM


Session Fee: Rs.1500/-


Registration on first come first served basis. Click here to register online.  




Session II:


Clay, Architecture & Architects - A Presentation/Lecture by Kate Malone  


Calling all Architects!!!


For a open house discussion on the possibilities of ceramics in architecture, about its practicality and considerations of large scale projects and the dynamics of clay in environment for both public/civic and commercial projects. 


Schedule : 7th February 2015 from 3:30PM-5:00PM


Registration on first come first served basis.  Click here to register.  

(There is no registration fee for this program.)    




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