Kate's FY18 Budget Newsletter
Summer Update 

Dear Friend, 

Summertime in Massachusetts is what we look forward to all year: baseball, beach days, and barbecuing - all enjoyed with our friends and loved ones. As we kick back and unwind under the summer sun, I want to give you an update on happenings at the State House and around the district.

The legislature recently passed our budget for Fiscal Year 2018. The state budget is meant to serve as a blueprint for sustained economic growth in Massachusetts by maintaining the vital programs and resources that our residents rely on and that have made our Commonwealth the number one state in the nation (according to US News & World Report). As we face uncertainty on the national level, the legislature has crafted a budget that invests in areas critical to the government's core functions, upholding our commitment to the Commonwealth's most vulnerable residents and looking to the future, by increasing funding to K-12 education. And once again, the legislature has delivered historically high levels of local aid to our partners at the municipal level.

As the budget is a deliberative process, I further advocated for amendments supporting the work of the 495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission, our state libraries and the Massachusetts Center for the Book. I am also pleased to report that I secured public transportation dollars in our region: the Hudson Commuter Shuttle and the Maynard & Acton Shuttle each received $75,000 in the legislature's budget. Governor Baker vetoed these local earmarks as well as the Massachusetts Center for the Book. The legislature will be negotiating overrides later this summer; I will be vocal in fighting to restore monies for these vital programs.

In the newsletter that follows, I outline the various programs that received funding in the state budget and provide an update on my work on Beacon Hill and in our community. As always, if you have any questions, I can be reached at 617-722-2130.

Warm regards, 


State Representative
Third Middlesex District
FY18 Budget Highlights

Local Aid
Recognizing that municipalities have unique and diverse needs, the legislature continues to fund local aid at historic levels. The FY18 budget provides cities and towns with a $40 million increase in unrestricted local aid (UGGA).

The legislature continually strives to ensure that every child in Massachusetts is able to receive a quality education. Working within available revenue, the legislature was able to increase local K-12 education aid (Chapter 70) spending by $118.9 million for FY18.

We also began to implement the Foundation Budget Review Commission's recommendations by making adjustments to more accurately reflect employee health benefits.

The FY18 budget also provides funding for:
  • Regional School Transportation
  • Special Education Circuit Breaker
  • Turning 22
  • Early Education & Care
  • Head Start Grants
  • Community Colleges, State Universities, and the UMass system
Public Health

As Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Health, I worked closely with then House Ways and Means Chairman Brian Dempsey and my colleagues to develop the House's Public Health budget for FY18.  Since FY12, the legislature has increased funding for substance addiction services to unprecedented levels and passed two landmark bills to help address this public health epidemic. This year's budget makes notable investments related to behavioral health and addiction, including over  $132.5 million for the Bureau of Substance Addiction Services.

This budget also includes funding for the following public health programs and initiatives:
  • Community Health Centers
  • SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) Program
  • ALS Registry (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention, Treatment and Services
  • Family Health Services
  • Early Intervention Services
  • Youth-at-Risk Matching Grants

I presented the Public Health "consolidated
amendment" - increasing funding for vital
public health services - to my colleagues on
the floor of the House during Budget Week
Public Libraries
I am a passionate advocate for our state's public libraries and literacy programs.  In fact, I have chaired the Library Legislative Caucus since 2012 because I know that one of the best education choices we can make across the Commonwealth is to invest in our libraries. 

One of the most important things the Caucus does is advocate during budget deliberations that funding for libraries, library systems, and statewide library initiatives be included in the state budget.

As a result of our advocacy, the FY18 budget provides funding for:
  • Board of Library Commissioners
  • State Aid to Regional Libraries
  • State Aid to Public Libraries
  • Talking Book Library, Worcester & Perkins
  • Library Technology and Resource Sharing
Elder Affairs

The legislature remains committed to serving the unique needs of our growing senior population. Seniors are - and will remain - one of my most important priorities. I will continue to support programs that enable seniors, of all ages, to participate in family, community, work, and civic events as valued and respected members of society.

Elder programs that received funding in the FY18 budget include:
  • Councils on Aging
  • Home Care Services
  • Elder Protective Services
  • Elder Nutrition, including Meals on Wheels
  • Elder Homeless Placement
Veterans Affairs

This budget enhances the Commonwealth's reputation as a national leader in providing benefits to military personnel, Veterans, and their families by incentivizing the hiring of our hardworking Veterans. The legislature has established a tax credit for businesses that hire Veterans; eligible businesses would receive $2,000 per year for the first two years of a Veteran's employment.
Environment & Natural Resources

As emissaries of this beautiful state, members of the Massachusetts legislature are committed to ensuring the Commonwealth remains a wonderful place to live, work, and visit - for generations to come. To this end, the FY18 budget appropriates money to programs that  protect our natural environment and facilitate opportunities for outdoor recreation:
  • Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs
  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Department of Agricultural Resources
  • Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • State Parks and Recreation
Environment Advocacy

Mass Audubon issued their annual Legislative Report Card,  which grades legislators by how well they vote to protect the nature of Massachusetts. I was proud to receive a 100% for the 2015-2016 legislative session.
Health & Human Services

In fulfilling our responsibility to the Commonwealth's most vulnerable residents, the FY18 budget supplies funding to a wide array of Health and Human Service divisions, such as:
  • MassHealth
  • Department of Children and Families
  • Department of Youth Services
  • Department of Mental Health
  • Department of Transitional Assistance
  • Department of Developmental Services
MassHealth Update

In late July, the House and Senate rejected Governor Baker's MassHealth cost-reducing reform proposal, which, among its other provisions, would have made certain low income residents eligible for health care coverage only through the Massachusetts Health Connector who were previously eligible for care through MassHealth.

The legislature remains committed to finding ways to ensure that coverage remains consistent for our residents while searching for new, innovative ways to produce savings. We believe that the Governor's proposal was not the best path forward for the Commonwealth and are working diligently to create a process for passing reforms while maintaining coverage.

The legislature did, however, approve the Governor's employer health insurance assessment proposal, which is projected to raise $200 million annually for MassHealth. If the Governor vetoes the legislature's approval of his employer assessment provision without his MassHealth cost-reducing reforms, the legislature can uphold or override his decision. Read more about this ongoing conversation here.
News from Beacon Hill

495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission

Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash, Dr. Michael Goodman, Co-Chair Rep. Kate Hogan, Co-Chair Sen. Karen Spilka, Co-Chair Asst. Sec. Juan Vega, and 495/MetroWest Partnership Executive Director Paul Matthews attend a Commission update meeting in Rep. Kate Hogan's State House office this July.
The 495/MetroWest Suburban Edge Community Commission (SECC) - which I created and co-chair along with Sen. Karen Spilka and Asst. Secretary for Communities and Programs Juan Vega - held its final monthly meeting earlier this summer.

The SECC has accomplished a great deal since we first convened last summer: Over the past 12 months, we have traversed the region, meeting in the towns of Acton, Ashland, Boxborough, Franklin, Grafton, Hudson, Maynard, Shrewsbury, and Westborough. At each of these meetings, we have heard from state, regional, and local agencies or organizations that have experiences with the development challenges the Commission seeks to address. Our focus areas have included transportation, downtown redevelopment, and housing, to name only a few.

Moving forward, we will begin work on the Commission's report, which will (1) frame the development issues considered by the Commission by focusing on documenting conditions and highlighting regional needs, and (2) develop specific recommendations and proposals for addressing these challenges and needs. I was proud to work with Sen. Karen Spilka to secure $100,000 in the FY18 budget to complete this report.

Follow along with the SECC at our Facebook page and on Twitter, using the hashtag #495SECC.
Legislative Update

Recreational Marijuana

This July, I joined my colleagues in the legislature in voting to approve the conference committee  report: An Act to ensure safe access to medical and adult-use of marijuana in the Commonwealth. This compromise by the House and Senate has taken the referendum and expanded it by closing gaps to better protect public health, developing a complex, but effective regulatory system, and providing commonsense consumer protection and safety measures that will help us institute a workable system. I believe this legislation gets it right for the consumer, the industry, and all the people of Massachusetts. Governor Baker signed this measure into law on July 28th. Read more about the law here.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

The legislature unanimously passed the "Pregnant Workers Fairness Act" to mandate accommodations for pregnant women on the job. Those accommodations include time off to recover from childbirth; more frequent or longer breaks; seating; and temporary transfer, job restructuring, or lighter duty, among others. After hearing compelling stories from women whose health - and the health of their unborn babies - were jeopardized due to dangerous working conditions, I am proud that Massachusetts has joined more than a dozen other states in providing protections for pregnant workers. Governor Baker signed this measure into law on July 27th.

Chapter 90 Funding

I also joined my colleagues in the legislature to approve $200 million for Chapter 90 funding to help municipalities complete road, bridge, and infrastructure improvement projects. We also appropriated $60 million to replace the Registry of Motor Vehicles information technology infrastructure and $30 million to be used for elderly transportation and intercity buses. To find out how much funding your town will receive, visit the Massachusetts Department of Transportation website and search for your town.

Inmate LaborInmateLabor

The House of Representatives has taken a major step towards protecting Massachusetts residents from bearing the brunt of the Trump administration's immigration policies. I joined my colleagues to pass legislation that would prevent an inmate of a state correctional facility from laboring outside the Commonwealth. Not only will this measure ensure that taxpayer dollars are being spent responsibly and are used to support crucial projects within the state, it will also effectively prevent Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson from following through on his proposal to send inmates in his jail to help construct President Trump's proposed Mexican border wall.
Kate's Legislation

As I mentioned in my Spring Newsletter, I have filed a number of bills this session, ranging in topic from enhancing support for seniors, to easing the burden of agriculture estate taxes, to ensuring access to safe and affordable health care.

Committee hearings are currently underway at the State House where legislators, advocates, and stakeholders testify in support of or opposition to a bill, assisting committees in determining whether certain pieces of legislation should move forward in the legislative process. Over the next several months, I will be attending committee hearings around the State House to testify in support of my bills and advocate that they receive a "favorable" report from the committees to which they've been assigned.

Follow along with my bills by visiting my profile on malegislature.gov and clicking on a bill number. As always, if you have questions about any bills before the legislature, feel free to contact my office for further information.

On the News...
Boston 25 News

I sat down with Boston 25 News' Kerry Kavanaugh to discuss one of my bills, H.2289, which would enable authorities to prosecute a medical professional who sexually assaults their patient and tries to pass it off as being "necessary" for medical reasons.

Boston 25 News

I visited Bolton Orchards to speak with owner Bob Davis & family about my bill, H.3323, which aims to help ensure the future viability of family farms in the Commonwealth.

22 News

There is a bill currently before the Joint Committee on Public Health, which I chair, that aims to prevent young people from smoking. H.2864/ S.1218 would (1) raise the age of sale for tobacco products from 18 to 21; (2) align e-cigarettes with the Commonwealth's smoke-free workplace law; and (3) prohibit the sale of tobacco in healthcare facilities, such as pharmacies. I spoke with 22 News' Elisha Machado about why I support this legislation.

Federal Response Working Group

In my Spring Newsletter, I announced my appointment to the House's special  "Trump" Working Group . This group is charged with evaluating legislative and other actions taken by the Trump administration that have the potential to negatively impact Massachusetts residents and then develop proposed solutions designed to mitigate the impact of those changes. 

The group has convened three times, meeting to discuss the impacts of federal policies on the state budget and local economy, privacy issues, and legislation to protect Massachusetts prisoners from being used to build President Trump's border wall.
Public Health Committee
Rep. Kate Hogan chairs a hearing of the Joint Committee on Public Health.
As Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Health, I'm working with my staff to review the more than 300 public health-related bills that were introduced this session.  These bills aim to address a range of public health topics, such as patient safety & quality, disease prevention, screening & treatment, and professional licensure & scope of practice.

This May, the Committee began to hold public hearings on this legislation and receive feedback from members of the public. Hearings will continue throughout the year; to find out when hearings will be held, you can visit our page on the Massachusetts legislature's website.
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District Office Hours

September 14
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September 19
6 to 7 p.m.
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October 10
6 to 7 p.m.
Randall Library
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October 26
6 to 7 p.m.
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In addition to Rep. Kate Hogan's office hours, her staff is also available in the District Office on Mondays from
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and by appointment. (Closed Holiday Mondays)

Upcoming Events


I will host an E-ZPass Van at the upcoming 25th Annual Maynard Fest to assist those interested in signing up for E-ZPass. E-ZPasses enable drivers to pay the lowest possible toll rates under the new all-electronic tolling system. At Maynard Fest, a MassDOT official will be available to help you register for a transponder and answer questions.

October 7
9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Nason St. b/t China Ruby & Paper Store
(Look for the purple van!)
Rep. Kate Hogan Recognized as "Champion" for Community Health Centers
James W. Hunt, Jr., President & CEO of MLCHC, and Sue Joss, President & CEO of the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center and Board Chair of MLCHC, present Rep. Kate Hogan with her award.
I was honored to receive the  Community Health Center Champion Award from the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers (MLCHC) earlier this year for my role as Chair of the Joint Committee on Public Health. As we confront issues such as the opioid crisis and the prevalence of chronic diseases, community health centers are at the heart of our efforts to deliver high-quality care, improve access, and curb health care costs for all residents. 
Heritage Day of Portugual 
Presenting the "Heritage Day of Portugal" award to Kevin Luz Santos in the House Chamber.

I proudly nominated Kevin Luz Santos, of Hudson, to receive the  Heritage Day of Portugal award at a State House ceremony . Heritage Day of Portugal is an event hosted annually by the Portuguese-American Legislative Caucus; legislators are invited to nominate a constituent who has made a lasting contribution to their local Portuguese community.
Student Government Day
Rep. Kate Hogan & students from Hudson High School who  participated in the annual "Student Government Day" at the State House.
I welcomed two students from Hudson High School - Cameron  and Nicholas - to the State House this spring for Massachusetts' 70th Annual Student Government Day. This is an informative program about state government in which participating students take on the role of elected or appointed officials in order to "observe the processes of government." 
State Champs in the Chamber
The Maynard High School Boys Basketball Team celebrates its State Championship victory in the House chamber.

Sen. Jamie Eldridge and I hosted the
Maynard High School Boys Basketball Team at the State House this summer to celebrate their victory in the 2017 Division 4 State Championship. The team took a tour of the State House, enjoyed a pizza lunch, and received a citation honoring the players and coach for their accomplishment. I then brought the team onto the floor of the House, where members were formally recognized by Speaker Robert DeLeo. Congrats on your win, boys!
Aviation on the Hill Day
At the State House with Don McPherson, owner of Stow's Minute Man Air Field, and Jeffrey DeCarlo, MassDOT Aeronautics Division Administrator.

This May, I caught up with Don McPherson, friend and owner of Minute Man Air Field in Stow, during Massachusetts Airport Management Association's  Aviation on the Hill Day . I was proud to receive an award at the event for my continued support of our state's aviation community and airports, knowing firsthand how public use airports, like Minute Man, can be economic engines for local communities. 

In case you missed it, MassDOT announced an award of $850,000 to Minute Man Air Field earlier this spring for a project that will make important taxiway and infrastructure improvements to the airport. Thanks to the Aeronautics Division at MassDOT for making our airport a priority.
Agriculture Day at the
State House

Rep. Kate Hogan at the State House with students from Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School.
The annual  Agriculture Day  at the State House this April was as busy and bustling as ever. Great food, exhibits, and conversations were had with the folks who grow our food. Shout out to the students and staff from Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School  who served up a delicious lunch for hundreds of people. State House days like this are just about perfect.
Scouts from Stow
Rep. Kate Hogan with members of Stow Girl Scout Troops 88058 & 62466.
I had the great, good fortune of being invited to visit with Stow Girl Scout Troops 88058 & 62466 earlier this summer. The scouts and I talked about the role of a legislator and then we read  Grace for President. Next stop: a visit to the State House!
Hudson Fest

Rep. Kate Hogan & the E-ZPass team at Hudson Fest.
I hosted an E-ZPass Van at this year's Hudson Fest  to help individuals sign up for an E-ZPass transponder in order to pay the lowest possible toll rates under the new all-electronic tolling system. I'm pleased to report that officials from MassDOT registered 60 new E-ZPass customers at Hudson Fest - in addition to answering questions and resolving numerous patron account issues. 

Because Hudson Fest was such a success, I will also be hosting an E-ZPass Van at Maynard Fest this October. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the all-electronic tolling system or about signing up for an E-ZPass transponder, please contact my office  for assistance.
Celebrating 80 years of
ice cream

Robert Fraser, Rep. Kate Hogan, and Vic Lalli at Erikson's Ice Cream's 80th anniversary celebration.
This summer, I joined local officials and constituents to celebrate Erikson's Ice Cream's 80th anniversary. Over the years, this family business has consistently given back to the community. I am a fan and frequent customer and was thrilled to help ring in 80 years by presenting a legislative citation and resolution in honor of this impressive milestone.
Assabet for All

Julia Khorana, OARS Development Director; Andrew Scribner-MacLean, Maynard Assistant Town Administrator; Michelle Grenier, Maynard Conservation Commissioner; Sen. Jamie Eldridge; Rep. Kate Hogan; and Alison Field-Juma, OARS Executive Director "cut the ribbon" for Maynard's new boat launch.
Through the assistance of a state grant from the Department of Conservation and Recreation, OARS and the town of Maynard recently opened a  handicap-friendly boat launch at Ice House Landing. I attended a ribbon cutting , along with Sen. Jamie Eldridge and local officials, in late July to celebrate this new inclusive feature. Kayakers were out and it was a beautiful morning on the Assabet River.
State Government

In this section, I share information on how to access new or interesting programs and services provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

My Legislature

A feature of the Massachusetts legislature's website allows you to easily keep track of any bills or topics you may be interested in. If you try to stay up-to-date on Beacon Hill activities, I recommend testing out this feature. Follow these directions to sign up:
  1. Visit malegislature.gov and scroll to the bottom of the main page.
  2. Under the heading QuickLinks, click on MyLegislature.
  3. Click on Not Registered? to create an account.
  4. Register for MyLegislature by inputting your email and creating a password.
  5. Once your email and password have been entered, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address by clicking on the link provided.
  6. Back on the MyLegislature page, you can fill in your information to connect your profile to your elected officials, and you have the option to "follow" certain interest areas, bills, committees, or legislators by simply clicking on the star next to their name.
  7. The next time you visit your MyLegislature page, all of the interest areas, bills, committees, and legislators you have "followed" will be aggregated on your profile, making it easy for you to access them.
DCR's Universal Access Program

The Department of Conservation and Recreation's (DCR)  Universal Access Program provides outdoor recreation opportunities at Massachusetts State Parks for  visitors of all abilities

Structured programs feature adaptive recreation equipment, professional staff and lifeguards, as well as instruction and individual support as needed. Staff and volunteers are trained in disability awareness, sighted-guide technique,  transfers, equipment adaptations , and other methods to create an environment of support, as well as a fun and safe experience for all. 

Opportunities include hiking, camping, boating, and more. Check out the DCR website to find a list of all available adaptive/inclusive recreation programs, parks with accessible features, and recommended experiences.
Attainable Savings Plan
Governor Baker recently announced the opening of Attainable, the Massachusetts ABLE savings plan created for individuals with disabilities to save for disability-related expenses.

Massachusetts residents can save and invest in Attainable with earnings growing tax deferred and withdrawals not subject to federal and/or Massachusetts taxes when used for qualified disability expenses. Funds saved in an ABLE account do not impact Medicaid benefits, and Attainable account balances below $100,000 do not impact Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

If you have any questions about how this program could assist you or a loved one, reach out to my office for more information.
Hogan's Local Hero

Rep. Kate Hogan highlights individuals in the district who make a difference.
Her hero for Summer 2017 is...

Patty Chambers

Dedicated member of the Maynard community
Patty is the VP & Regional Branch Manager of Middlesex Bank in Maynard, having worked for the bank in various roles since 1977. She is active in the community and has been an integral member of many local organizations - including the Board of Trustees of Maynard Public Library, the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce, and more. In particular, Patty is dedicated to Open Table - a local organization that provides healthy food, friendship, and support to those in need - serving as co-chairperson of the organization and spearheading its search for a new location in Maynard.

Standing in the Great Hall of Flags, Patty Chambers is recognized as a "2017 Unsung Heroine" during a ceremony at the State House.

In light of her continued commitment to the Maynard community, I joined the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women to proudly recognize Patty Chambers as a "2017 Unsung Heroine" during a ceremony at the State House this summer. Patty's friendship is unique and steadfast and her desire to give is unwavering, embodying the community spirit of Maynard and serving as a true example of an Unsung Heroine. On behalf of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, congratulations, Patty, on this much-deserved recognition. Read more about Patty here.
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